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47 days ago DErankisave joins clan AtoSen
50 days ago ATrankBendeero leaves clan AtoSen
51 days ago USrankYe3t0mAn joins clan AtoSen
51 days ago DErankTBE_Blood_Eagle joins clan AtoSen
2 months ago unknownrankBonke was elected for the AtoSen role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing USrankKshatriya - 4 for, 0 against
2 months ago unknownrankBonke joins clan AtoSen
3 months ago unknownrankBonke leaves clan AtoSen
4 months ago INrankTheWarning leaves clan AtoSen
5 months ago ITrankThomas1 joins clan AtoSen
8 months ago ITrankThomas1 leaves clan AtoSen
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