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Title: 1v1: All welcome!
Host: CZrankElerium
Game version: Zero-K v1.2.2.6
Engine version: 91.0
Started: 6 years ago
Duration: 6 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 1%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 99%


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6 years ago
faster dart than PRO_rANDY

stay hyped: #ploponmylevel
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6 years ago
nice. new award?
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6 years ago
He plopped faster than @Pro_randy. In both meanings.
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6 years ago
At this rate of win, randy will soon be no 1.
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6 years ago
you made a script to do it for you?
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6 years ago
At this rate of win, randy will soon be no 1.
but not a #1 proplopper.
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6 years ago
Proplopper by definition is #2.
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6 years ago
Judging by your upvote I guess that's a yes? :P

In other games I'm sure this would be considered cheating...
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6 years ago
This is Sparta. I mean Zero-K. We looooves us our widgets.
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6 years ago
:D, have a game against som1 that has newton widget on super speedmetal GBrankPRO_rANDY and see what happens:D
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In other games I'm sure this would be considered cheating

In this game instead of banning "cheat" widgets, they are added to the mod, so everyone can cheat and its no longer cheating!
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ZK has a lot of mantra going around reducing tedium with power of automation.
A lot o those things are actually generic Spring functionality, some are a buffed version of native Spring ui conventions, and many many are "cheat widgets" embraced by the game's philosophy of anti-qwoppiness.

Notable examples:
- area mex command
- area attack
- area reclaim
- area repair
- area guard
- factory repeat
- infinite factory queue
- orders for units leaving the factory, inc. fight-rally, patrol-rally, etc
- unit states for factories to bestow upon units leaving factory
- custom formations
- unitAI (autoskirm, autoswarm)
- newton ramp (once a "cheat", now you have a button on each newton)
- overdrive doesn't require microing your metal converters and spreads energy investment optimally
- units entering cloak state will mostly hold fire
- you can set initial states for your units
- communism sharing in teamgames
- automated energy sharing in teamgames when you excess and allies stall
- tons of other stuff

Having a widget to issue commands to your commander while game is still loading / counting down would reduce the hectic tedium of having to queue morph, fac, raider, 3mex, 2llt all at the same time.

I can't see how it would harm the game if this was allowed by default. Thus far, though, it seems like DErank[2up]knorke has a three seconds advantage which doesn't seem to let him win.

If other games stem this innovation and require you to play QWOP with your units and/or economy, IMO, it's their loss.

I see how manualness of control can be a selling point to some games. For instance, an automated Flappy Bird would actually play a bit different.

I just don't see those games as good games, and i feel repulsed when i have to play them. I guess i have low tedium tolerance.

(BTW i think BA has a widget like that, called Initial Queue)
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6 years ago
As already said in chat and as Anarchied noticed it is simply the "Initial Queue" widget that is used in BA, XTA etc.
For zK it did not work so I deleted everything that made it break in zK and now it works.
I had plan to fix it "for real" but somehow did not happen, so here it is "as is."

Do NOT save it as "unit_initial_queue.lua" like original widget name or it might conflicht when you play other spring games that already include it.

Instead of commander it shows a construction vehicle as preview and the buildrange preview is wrong too. As said: not real fix, would have to fumble with the select-commander thing.
If you want to see a different unit then can change it here:
local sDefID = UnitDefNames["corned"].id -- Starting unit def ID


Second widget for quickly queing the scouts is new. (in other games the factories build slow so not needed there)

queues 2 scouts for the first factory, then disables.

The -uBuilds[2] means the second buildoption of factory, which in zK is always the scout.
If want to fast-queue something else then remove those 2 lines and add something like:
Spring.GiveOrderToUnit (unitID,-UnitDefNames["corned"].id,{},{})
(unitname in "", eg "corned" is the con vehicle)
I think if the factory can not build a unit then simply nothing happens, so can probally just put your favorites queues for all factories without problems.
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4 years ago
test2 ignore
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