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Title: Flipstip's Battle
Host: CHrankFlipstip
Game version: Zero-K v1.5.7.10
Engine version: 103.0.1-1244-g70d14a0
Started: 13 months ago
Duration: 52 minutes
Players: 1
Bots: True
Mission: False
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AI: Hard (1) <CircuitAIHard32>
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13 months ago
Though game. Much fun.
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13 months ago
The AIs did well for about 10 minutes but then failed to realize that the time for raiding was over. They tried to deal economic damage at the cost of losing on attrition when instead they should have built up their own forces. Their attacks tended to be piecemeal. The AI improved again around 18:00 once they built some striders to focus their attacks around and regained some attrition. However, their attacks were not strong enough to stop CHrankFlipstip from building a lot of economy and slowly pushing turrets. The AI started having problems again at 30:00, when CHrankFlipstip switched to Dante and Scorpion, because it had trouble countering groups of heavy units. Around 40:00 CHrankFlipstip has significantly higher income and unit value than the AIs.

Some feedback:
  • The AIs never build geothermals.
  • The AIs did not know when to not take attrition. They would send in small groups to die instead of building up economy or army when they already had the territory advantage.
  • The AI doesn't know how to make coherent armies out of relatively cheap units. The armies that they made tended to have no more than 1 or 2 units of each type. This meant that they always had useless units. The armies were also quite small.
  • The AI didn't know how to kill striders.

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13 months ago
AI never ecos up on low metal - I've raised with Lamer.

AI attack group size logic seemed strange here. I think I know the cause (slashers having very low threat, so units rush them). Will suggest fix.

AI armies make sense when they are normal size/large. piecemeal attacks due to slashers breaking group size logic with current config.

AI knows how to kill striders, it just isn't very good at it lol

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13 months ago
And this is how lobsters got replaced by toasters, kids...
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13 months ago
Toasters will help spawn additional lobsters, assuming that steam release is round the corner..
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