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Title: [A] Free For All
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.7.3.2
Engine version: 104.0.1-1060-g7f3541f
Started: 3 months ago
Duration: 2 hours
Players: 5
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 15.4%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 22.4%

Team 3
Chance of victory: 30.1%

Team 4
Chance of victory: 17.5%

Team 5
Chance of victory: 14.7%


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3 months ago
Crabs getting stuck, units disappearing from build options, several cases where my paladin didn't have a dgun.
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
It says here that Sparkles died in 2 hours, but I resigned first - way before 2 hours. It also says indaled died in 64 minutes. But AFAIK he must have died after me. So all of that crap is garbage / buggy information.
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3 months ago
You may have had some straggler units left.
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I left the wind gens and LLTs on the hill as a buffer. Indaled died after about 30 mins. Then it was a long drawn out 3-way, fighting over Indaled's base for rezing. I forgot I had nuke for the last 20 mins.
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