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Title: Coop Fun
Host: ATrankNanoPirate
Game version: Zero-K v1.7.11.3
Engine version: 104.0.1-1435-g79d77ca
Started: 28 days ago
Duration: 17 minutes
Players: 8
Bots: True
Mission: False
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Team 2

AI: Brutal (5) <DevCircuitAIBrutal32>
AI: Brutal (6) <DevCircuitAIBrutal32>
AI: Brutal (7) <DevCircuitAIBrutal32>
AI: Brutal (1) <DevCircuitAIBrutal32>
AI: Hard (1) <DevCircuitAIHard32>
AI: Brutal (2) <DevCircuitAIBrutal32>
AI: Brutal (3) <DevCircuitAIBrutal32>
AI: Hard (2) <DevCircuitAIHard32>
AI: Brutal (4) <DevCircuitAIBrutal32>

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28 days ago
Near the end of the game, I couldn't teleport Dante through a Djinn beacon. Had to remake the beacon and only then it worked. Other units teleported fine.
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28 days ago
Djinn be like that sometimes.
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27 days ago
The beacon may have been fine. The Djinn did not automatically deploy (go into receiver mode) after given a short move order.
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