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Synthetic Hegemony
Planets: 0
Commanders: 27
Combat skill:1478
The Synthetic Hegemony is formed by the ruling elite of free AIs and uploaded or enhanced humans. Having established their hold on the galaxy, they now seek to wipe out purely biological humanity entirely.


Warp cores:0
Energy produced:+0
Energy demand:-0
Metal from energy excess:+0
Metal from planets:+0
Infrastructure: 0

Faction roles

Central Control 
Strategic Manager 
Industrial Control AUrankAdminGoogleFrog
Industrial Manager ITrankOldGhostStalker, ILranknimor
Tactical Control 
Tactical Manager AUrankAdminGoogleFrog, BRrank[V]sheep, RUrankYurGa, SKrankSvatopluk


Time Event
12 days ago USrankNelistot joins Hegemony
25 days ago RUranknydusborn joins Hegemony
25 days ago BGrankIKRadulov joins Hegemony
31 days ago PLrankHectorion leaves faction Hegemony
2 months ago UArankerlang joins Hegemony
2 months ago BErankOnOff joins Hegemony
2 months ago ESrankjavicasal joins Hegemony
3 months ago GBrankImal joins Hegemony
3 months ago GBrankLordLoverDuck joins Hegemony
3 months ago RUrankFUG leaves faction Hegemony
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