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How to use Queue rooms? It kicks me.

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I tried to join the new matchmaking rooms ("Queue 1v1", "Queue Small Teams") but get instantly kicked out.
Message is "Sie wurden aus der Schlacht geworfen" = "You got kicked from battle."

I did not find explaination about new system.
So how does it work?

Is idea that one joins the room, idles there, someone else joins, both get moved to a normal room where they can play?
How is that different to just idling in normal room?

I use springlobby.
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5 years ago
Springlobby does not implement things required to use the queue room.
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It's different on several accounts.
1) there are no spectators/teams in this room, whoever joins is, is in "queue"
2) when there is enough people to start a game of given type, 30s countdown starts
3) when some more join during countdown, its extended up to max 2 minutes

4) when countdown reaches zero separate games are created with same map, people moved and insta started. Those "slave" games are locked and can only be joined as mid-game spectators. Slaves are auto closed when battle ends there.

People are split using elo and other rules.
In the case of 1v1 autohost, priority is the order in which people joined queue. Max elo difference is 450.

In case of 2v2 and small teams autohosts (2v2-4v4), the teams are always even (last person is left out if he is odd) and they are split into multiple games by elo if there is too much people.

In case of big teams host (5v5 - 10v10) people are split by elo into battles but its not guaranteed that teams are even (nobody is left out).

This system is meant for Steam scaling.

Queue room only exists for the benefit of other lobbies (like springlobby), unfortunatelly, Abma chnaged implementation of FORCEJOINBATTLE from server side (which worked for all lobbies always) to client side and lobbies do not implement that command properly.
You would be stuck in queue room and not moved to target room.
Thats why we have to kick non ZKL atm :-(
Here is the uberserver issue report

Someone should also make report for springlobby etc asking for this to be fixed.. Though I'm not sure if its feasible, because there is always that new lobby X which does not work with it. I know it failed for springlobby and notalobby.
Imo it's best to lobby Abma to revert back..
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5 years ago
1. I use ZKL but the Queue rooms don't work for me. When a game should be starting my opponent gets sent to another room but I'm left in the old room. Do I need to upgrade ZKL or something?

2. Playing 1x1 with someone with 450 elo difference is a bit boring for the higher elo player and very frustrating for the lower elo player. I think the max elo difference for starting a game that people have no choice about should be around 200. If people want to play unbalanced games they can do so manually.
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5 years ago
Pear please make sure you have the very latest zero-k lobby.. Please download it from website from download section: http://zero-k.info/Wiki/Download
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revert won't happen of lobby server code because this behaviour was made with a VERY HACKY undocumented command. with current springlobby (atm 0.201) it would work if autohost woulnd't kick it. idk since which version it works, but the command exists since >2 years:

an older version of zklobby seems to have it implemented wrong ( https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K-Infrastructure/commit/fbdd6d0094a33df646593a614bb445e729e8cd25 ), this is why it failed for pear i guess.

idk if it works with notalobby / tasclient, very likely these clients fail/didn't implement FORCEJOINBATTLE.

AUrankAdminGoogleFrog, CZrankAdminLicho:

how come that you write it doesn't work with springlobby?

also autohosts of zk didn't fully implement FORCEJOINBATTLE, they totally ignore errors, see https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K-Infrastructure/issues/249
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5 years ago
seems there are more issues with quickmatch:


idk if we hit some lobby server bug or if clients fail / sth. else.

without more info i can't help.
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