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Invite friends seems to have stopped workingGBrankdyth68633 days ago
restarting single player vs ai game doesnt workUSrankLongStyle22 months ago
Bugs and SuggestionsFRrankWyvern122 months ago
Unit collision damage seems buggedSErankGodde42 months ago
Commanders UpdatesFRrankWyvern32 months ago
Commanders Custom loadoutsFRrankWyvern32 months ago
Zero-K crashes on startup, SOLUTION:USrankF4Tornado23 months ago
Can`t win the Walchie mission (the 15 minutes mission)ROrankMassonu93 months ago
Cant invite specific friend to campaign.HUrankRobihunn34 months ago
Lobby -> Adv OptionsBErankBrynnlow34 months ago
commander module slots empty when upgrading in game configuration although configured on web pageDErankLittleRunaway94 months ago
CommanderUSrankSirKerbalington25 months ago
MISC. ProblemsESrankElTorero65 months ago
Can't lunch game with Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial - ItchFRrank0r1g1n45 months ago
Camera problemsAUrankjuicy_bruce45 months ago
Changing the Start Boxes?SErankMackeroni15 months ago
Widget settings reset after every matchFIrankFabrizio25 months ago
Units and buildings invisible(steam)NLrankGhostEngineer1285 months ago
Sound volume resetting to defaultAUrankPants35 months ago
Goddes replay analysisSErankGodde115 months ago
A few inconveniencesUSrankRandomX45 months ago
Area cloakers spend self-cloak energy when area-cloakedUSrankcathartes76 months ago
Commander disruptor bomb causes self damageUSrankcathartes56 months ago
There is no way to download the gameCZrankpsaniac66 months ago
Pathfinder degradationCHrankAdminDeinFreund266 months ago
Cant see lobby chatNLrankkoenradar47 months ago
Wrecks outside LoS lowers FPS more than wrecks inside LoSSErankGodde17 months ago
Critical - newest engine does not runCZrankpsaniac87 months ago
Cannot run tutorialsGBrankReckless_Charger88 months ago
WHR missing from user pageCZrankpsaniac138 months ago
Page of 46 (1378 records)