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Install directory shenanigans

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6 years ago
New computer, fresh install of Windows 7 x64 Professional. Dl'ed zero-k setup (ran as admin) and changed install directory to: T:\Games\Spring

Resulting in the following two messages: ,

As I understand what happened: Setup installed engine and configured the placement of maps and core ZK files. The lobby failed to install to that directory because of an 'unwritable' directory issue.

opened taskman and traced the process to operating directory: AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\N66X2CD6.RDM\JK8EOQP5.GPK\zero..tion_00000000000000..

Plucked all ZK lobby files from folder and placed them into my directory. Created shortcut from EXE and placed on desktop.

Hope this helps anyone with the same issue. I'd suggest further investigation into the issue and I'm willing to help however I can.
Email: mprobison@gmail.com.
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6 years ago
Checking in to confirm, same OS, same behavior.
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6 years ago
may have same problem over here
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6 years ago
Cool, so maybe at the least make a sticky in the forum for the work-around? I don't know what the fix would look like on the backend. I'm not trying to be pushy about a fix... just trying to make sure the documentation is available.
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I think almost everyone at least on Windows has had this.

The remedy is posted in WTF DEVS rage thread: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/11587#117745

As for second one. It's a pity this error message always appears from default installation and I agree it should be fixed before the steam release. You can fix it yourself though: Create a new shortcut in Windows, point it to where Zero-K.exe is ("target" field), then specify working directory ("Start in" field) same as where your Zero-K.exe resides.

My example
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6 years ago
can we have for stuff like this a FAQ or troubleshooting section in the forum, else its beeing digged...
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