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How can I make fonts bigger on 4k resolution?

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13 months ago
My new laptop is 3840x2160 res. And it now seems like that https://yadi.sk/i/UglExiyv3GyeT8
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13 months ago
Buy worse one.
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13 months ago
RUrankindaled remove your LuaUI folder to get the default UI then take a screenshot with a constructor selected. You can't make the fonts bigger but maybe you can tell me which bits need to be larger for 4k.
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13 months ago
(edited 13 months ago)

I love how everything gets smaller on high resolution so you can fit more UI on the same screen. Have you tried DPI scaling(An OS setting)? I wouldn't expect Spring to support that, but maybe you're lucky.

If you now change the UI so it looks nice on a 4k laptop it'll be completely oversized on a big 4k monitor, but maybe it could be made configurable?
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