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6 days ago USrankLogix leaves clan Arbys
6 days ago USrankLogix joins clan Arbys
6 months ago USrankcooolcat1239 was elected for the Arbys role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing USrankimmortalchimps - 1 for, 0 against
9 months ago USrankjcat1233 leaves clan Arbys
10 months ago USrankTimelyMunch joins clan Arbys
13 months ago USrankWattSUpdog joins clan Arbys
15 months ago unknownrankStepbroT_T joins clan Arbys
16 months ago USrankHioxel joins clan Arbys
17 months ago USrankArbys joins clan Arbys
17 months ago USranknonumberinuser_oof joins clan Arbys
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