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Audio Stream to Replays

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Do you think it would be possible to add a lua widget that plays an audio recording along with a replay of a battle. I know that would make Shadowfury happy... and downloads could be managed by the zk lobby...

Seems like it should be possible in lua.. thought i dont know enough to comment.

Perhaps more than one audio stream for that matter, but thats trivial depending
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4 years ago
Playing an audio file in lua is simple:

And as per the note there, in Spring $VERSION > 83.0 you can play multiple streams simultaneously.

Recording and saving audio would need to be done with an external program.
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Is the idea to resync the casted commentary back into the official replays?

I would love that feature!

But how would it work with the pauses?
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4 years ago
Replays skip pauses, though given that my commentary generally starts slightly before the game itself, there would need to be a sync signal to do the "Skip Pregame Chatter" function.

However, not to burst anyone's bubble, but while this is an interesting idea, I'm a bit worried about it reducing YouTube views (not so much Twitch/Hitbox, that has the live aspect). I don't know how much overlap there is between people who watch YouTube casts and people who would watch commentated replays, but I'm guessing it isn't negligible.
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4 years ago
Well you should be able to disable it
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nice. just like at work lol. customer has no idea what he wants, buys developing the full package and then buys to disable almost all parts. crappy product is unsatisfacting, sadly he has too much moneys to ruin it over and over again -.-
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4 years ago
surely we can put together a youtube view adder with all our combined talents? Syncing is a mission... I guess would just be done deliberaytely with the audio.

End goal would be to be able to lock the camera to the commentator and unlock whenever you want, jump backwards and forwards
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4 years ago
Youtube is a great way to put something out there for people who don't play the game. It's a potential visibility path both for Shadowfury to attract people to his stream through avenues other than the Zero-K website, and for Zero-K to attract people in general.

Zero-K casts show up very occasionally in related videos for other game casts, especially because of those youtube commentators who cast more than one game (Like Shadowfury333 with Achron) but all you need is more momentum for that to start snowballing.
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5 months ago
Aye, so the lovely thing is for people to be able to explore and zoom in and go back and forth and really understand what people are doing....

I hear about the views..

personally I just watched the steam intro for the first time, and I actually cried a bit because the game is so so good and the effort and truth that has built is just is completely misunderstood by potential players.

I still reckon that there are two things that could make a huge difference.

One is the ability to build into a replay more and more in depth commentary, like... being able to create multiple, parrallel commentary streams and camera fly throughs, so someone can reall understand the subtltees of the decision making of great players in a 4x4 or 8x8 game. It literalyl takes years of playing zero-k to understand what people are thinking. That is amazing, it is great... but its a huge learning curve

The other thing would be creating simplified "entry level" versions of the game, for exactly the same reason.

If there is some energy for it I suppose I could turn my hand to a bit of Lua. Might take a couple of years, coz Im busy, but I can make it work if we can come up with a design

woof, I forgot how awesome the keyboard on this machine was. I literally havent used it since I last posted here :)
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5 months ago
Like... there are two things.

1. I think there should be huge global tournaments of Zero-K. There are Massive tournaments of Starcraft 2 and it is absolutely utterly boring compared to zero-k

2. there are matches where the decisions made are so brilliant and complex tactics and strategy, where ... I think it would be interesting for the community to be able to include more and more discussion and ... even like graphics like football things...

I guess what I am imagining there is like... a sort of time overview of the map, where you can see that there is a "4 minute, camera controlled piece of commentary on this part of the map", and a full length commentary from this person, and etc etc... so people can be like... "have you ever seen that game between google and whoever. Man it was awesom 40 minutes of just utter awesome"... and then people can go and feel the excitment of the community,a nd actually understand why the community is excited.... feel me?
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A man can dream... I enjoy watching the game as much as I do playing it.

You gave me an idea too. I remember there were xp-locked buildings and features of the game to help with entry level. That was the wrong approach to narrow the complexity of the game for beginners. Now we have a campaign to help with introduction.

Looking at Dota2 (another very complex game) there is a game mode where you're limited to much fewer ~12(?) easy to use champions. I wonder if similar gamemode queue for zero-k would be useful where a lot of complex/gameending stuff is disabled and like 4 factories are left.

I'd say the factories being: Rovers, Cloakies, Planes, Hovercrafts and Spiders.

Most of special buildings tab disabled leaving Radar and Cornea.
From economy disabled: Fusion and Singu (maybe pylon as well).

From defense disabled: Faraday, Gauss, Aegis, Artemis, Thresher, Lucifer, Desolator, Urchin, Newton.

From listed factories disabled: Dominatrix, Claymore, Widow, maybe Scythe.

It could be called lob... lobs... lobotomized zero-k!
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5 months ago
'lockcamera' widget allows you to spectate other players who are using 'lockcamera', but since it is not active by default there's noone to spectate. Also, activating it with default settings sadly puts it's ui element behind other things, so on top of noone using it you couldn't use it without moving your UI around first. The element itself cannot be moved in tweak mode, and instead you have to click and drag on the move box.

I remember using it in replays in the past, but I couldn't get that to work today.
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4 months ago
OK lets start another thread about a simpler version of the game... Ive just spent a few days watching loads of starcraft 2 replays, and I have some ideas about why it catches on so easily to people. Ill post a link

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