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Zero-K v0.8.13.1

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7 years ago
A lot of little things have been improved. A few bugs fixed, a new mech and superweapon. Reserve metal is now properly implemented as a slider on the resource bars and mobile AA should be a bit better against Shadow.


Decoupled reserve metal from storage structures, reserve is now controllable with a slider bar on the resource bar. Energy is also reserved at the metal reserve level, does not affect non-constructor energy drain.

  • Healtbars in unit selection and tooltip are now colored.
  • Added minimisation buttons to Minimap, Chat and Playerlist.

New Units

Scorpion, a cloaking all terrain mech with a deadly stinger. Slow and expensive for it's combat power this unit is best used stealthily to pick off unaware opponents.

The Zenith is a superweapon on the scale of the Planetary Energy Chisel. It calls numerous meteors from the sky to rain death upon your enemies, as an added bonus the meteors have some metal which can be reclaimed.


EMP missile
  • Removed unintentional homing

  • Speed 3 -> 3.5

  • Health 1050 -> 1500 (now in line with Tarantula)
  • Removed jump charge time.
  • Increased aim speed dramatically (4.5x) because it could aim much slower than turn. This was annoying to use and unrequired.
  • Made bullets fire properly on fixedwing (engine brokenness)

  • Fires properly on fixedwing (engine brokenness)

  • HP: 1250 -> 1200
  • Speed: 10 -> 8.8

Snake (light sub)
  • HP:1100 -> 1250 (2 shots from prec bomber and sniper sub)

Serpent (sniper sub)
  • Damage 1200->1100
  • HP:2600 -> 2300 (So that its HP can be cut while still 3-shooting other sniper subs).

Torpedo Frigate
  • HP: 1750->1800


Fixed patrol orders in gunship factory queue

Overdrive behaviour improvement (may fix a bug that occurs at high energy).
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6 years ago
I agree with each of the changes. Well done! I feel like ZK balance is moving in the right direction and relatively quickly.

Nothing feels totally out of wack but necessary tweaks are being made as needed. Congrats!
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6 years ago
I should mention this. If you want chat to never hide:

Settings (the spanner) -> Interface -> Chat -> Console -> untick Autohide
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6 years ago
At the risk of sounding like a whiner, wouldn't it be infinitely easier for noobs to access this setting if you just made it a toggle switch in the corner of the chat window?

I should mention that I understand one of the great downfalls of an opensource project like this: people who will contribute nothing except ideas and expect others to code it all. I'm currently doing some free online courses to learn coding so that I can contribute code to backup my ideas. In the meantime, I'm stuck just whining about problems and hoping that someone can fix them.
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6 years ago
I actually liked tactical emp nukes tracking enemy it is best antyheavy counter, but probably OP? If that would be documented earlier... 4 emp nukes detriminent 15s emped almost naped it... Also instant emp wizard award :D
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6 years ago
Didn‘t notice the new units.

Looks fun to use.

I need a computer...
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