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should new player get limited levels before play to pub?

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5 years ago
rather than new player get out by angry "pro" players. i think shey should have limit for knowing in game depths.

it takes me 40 hour just to understand the basic :/

and please upgrade the tutorial ty.
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5 years ago
Nope. "Pro" players should just learn to not be dickheads.

There are human beings on the other end of that keyboard.
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5 years ago
Upgrading the tutorial is on the to-do list, last I checked, but it's a big to-do list.

If you have any insights from how you learned the game, that would be helpful.
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40 hours - too much. May be 10 or even 5.

In another game stupid admins set corresponding limit too high (50 games, about 1 hour each), and most of new players left game completely before they were allowed to play at non-beginners server.

But better - without limits to newbies.

kaen "Nope. "Pro" players should just learn to not be dickheads."
- golden words.

In my first public game here i was taunted and kicked instead of teaching. "Pros" showed their dickheady nature.
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5 years ago
The dick nature of your nickname may have a thing or two to do with that dickheady nature of the pros around you =)
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