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Portable Linux

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4 years ago
So i want to try Citra Emulator ( http://citra-emu.org/ ) but Intel HD Graphics 3000 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_graphics_processing_units ) only have OpenGL 3.1 in Windows, so i am thinking of installing Puppy Linux ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puppy_Linux ) on a USB flash drives to get the OpenGL 3.3 in Linux.

Will it work ?
Anyone have a better idea?
Installing MESA on Windows ( http://www.mesa3d.org/install.html#scons ) will give me OpenGL 3.3?
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On related news, seem like Microsoft will install Ubuntu on Windows 10...



Anyone interested?

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4 years ago
It's actually really cool.
If linux executables will run on windows, development may become a whole lot easier.
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4 years ago
Didn't they say Win 10 will be last Windows? It's obvious they just wanna "outsource their development" and sell Linux. :P
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4 years ago
M$ spy regime realized they should better port Linux to them instead of letting Linux getting their users. :-)
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4 years ago
I'm actually interested in trying this. Have you found a way to dump cartridges onto the SD card?
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4 years ago

Just need to go in the FAQ. (Top page button)
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Thanks BRrankFortaleza

Also, I wonder if we can break the secret of what language 3DS games are coded in this way. Hmmm....
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largely working for running native Linux binaries atop Windows 10. Apt has been working out fine for fetching new packages from its current Ubuntu 14.04 base.

Update 2:

Seem like performance very good, except NTFS is slower than EXT4. Some people on Phoronix forum are using Wine on Ubuntu on Windows 10 to run some old program that do not run on Windows 10 anyone but did run on Wine :)

And that bring me to my old question in the topic, if i enable this feature in future, will i have OpenGL 3.3 cause Ubuntu/Linux or was Windows 10 still the "base", i will still be with OpenGL 3.1 only?

Do this Ubuntu on Windows 10 translate OpenGL from Ubuntu to DirectX on Windows or it just keep "OpenGL to OpenGL"?
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