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Personal insult former administrator [Chesti]

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3 years ago

personal insult 0:07
repeated personal insult 3:60

player [Chesti] buyout was administratrom, and gave me a punishment, he has publicly and deliberately insulted me for no reason.
(I prohibition of communication, so by default, can not provoke the player.
DIVO PENALTY: Repeated name-calling
Expires on: 8/1/2016 11:34:01 AM)

I cite examples of complaints on the player [Chesti], that the administration would not say it was his first offense.

wait for the reaction of the administration and fair punishment for violation of the rules scheduled.
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your terraed moho was killed by one scythe later... since you call others idiot for making bombers instead of phoenix or whatever I found it appropriate. I will suffer from my mute for the next 2 days calling you what you are, too bad.

ps: I like your tam tam forum posts
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3 years ago
The forum is not the place to report people.
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