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Skuttle Discussion

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Right now I think that skuttle's slow speed, small explosion radius, and enormous decloak radius make it almost useless. What do you think about skuttles?

Below are the skuttle and roach stats for comparison. Note the large explosion radius difference.

The fact that roaches only cloak when stationary makes them better mines and the skuttle jumpe makes them more offensive bombs, however a single defender or lotus is usually enough to spot and kill a skuttle mid flight.

Explosion radius:180
Decloak radius:180

Explosion radius:384
Decloak radius:75 (When stationary)

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Skuttle is good if you need its niche. It has cloak and unparalelled burst. Roach has a completely different role, the only thing it has in common is being a bomb.

Skuttle is in jumpyfac which is already good and does not need more power.

Skuttle has a very non-interactive design (no counterplay, the moment it gets revealed it's 100% done its job and you can't do anything about it) so it's better for it to be bad.
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3 years ago
http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/22161?postID=154195#154195 / http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/22161?postID=154225#154225
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3 years ago
What I find most annoying about skuttles is how the damage falls off in the explosion radius. If you dont hit really close then you won't kill anything.
In theory 1 skittle should kill a grizzly but really you need two, as the skuttle never does full damage. It falls off hard towards the edges.
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3 years ago
What if you put the Skuttle on top of the Grizzly?
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3 years ago
The same thing if you put a grizzly on top of a scuttle happens.
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the same thing with anything when a skutle lands in your face.

(from Multiplayer B427287 11 on Red Comet)
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3 years ago
In theory 1 skittle should kill a grizzly

no. grizz has 9k hp, skuttle has 8k dmg at blast center
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For some reason I thought it did 10k damage.
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3 years ago
^ dude on gif has >16k hp
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