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Bug? Firestate and Declock

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11 months ago
in this replay:

i build a Catapult and move the firestate so "no fire / manual fire /red".
then i go in a cloakingfield.
then i leave the claokingfield and the catapult fire. firestate is now:"fire at will/ free fire/ green"


Err at 15:40 min

and many desyncs.

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11 months ago
there is a wupget which tickles cloak fire settings. i recommend disabling it. i cannot remember the name, something with cloak state or so. it is default eanbled.
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11 months ago
Likely fixed: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/commit/0a165d5e991c8630b9994c50a194236af9f48c4f

I think the widget was resetting firestate upon decloak, even if the toggle in the menu was disabled. The toggle is "Settings/Unit Behaviour/Hold fire when cloaked" and is disabled by default.
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