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Failer builds a computer

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Hello lobsters.
I have (finally) decided to upgrade my gaming rig. But, since i neither cant afford a decent 1k euro pc yet, nor I want to spend 500 euro on medicore pc for just not to be able to buy 1k one later, i decided i will upgrade my old 2007 pc just for now...
1st thing i did was upgrading RAM from 2GB (system alone was eating 3/4 of it, lol) to 6GB (lord praise good old cheap DDR2, i got it for like 10€) and connecting 2nd HDD to sperate system from games phisicaly. They run quite well at 45-50mbps, considering they are from 2006 and 2007...
Now I noticed my CPU is quite often at 80-90%. I need to upgrade it too, but unfortunately my geek skillz are too low to cope with the task. And so i Ask for your help
My motherboard is Intel Abit IP 35 (or was it 35 IP?). Ive read its compatible with Core 2 Duo (ive got 2.33ghz e6550 now), core 2 Quad and core 2 Extreme series. But ive got no idea what it means precisely xD
Would any of you be kind enough to explain me what compatible CPU could I get without going too far with the price, and which would be betterer than Duo E6550?
Looking at list of those CPUs it would take me years to run through all the benchmarks...
Id apriciate any help.

Also one more question. My power supply unit (whatever its called in english) - i dont want to change that. Currently i belive i have this as my supplier unit [Spoiler] But will it be enough if i change CPU? And how to determine it? Also it says its switchable. How do i switch it into more power if i need some? Do i just take another cord and plug it into wall socket while connecting the output end directly into the pc case? (Just kidding)

Ye, ye, ye, i know i should buy a new computer błah blah.
I need money now dont want to spend it on a computer i use once a week.
And you dont kill your old dog just becauae its barerly breathing ^^
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Says here that you need a LGA775 Socket cpu:

Seems like Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 might be good:

Also get arctic silver and a giant heatsink, and depending on remaining space in the case, a new, huge fan, which spins slowly and silently. That stuff might cost about the same as the cpu at those prices.

About power supply: 400 W sounds good. If it starts failing, or you need power, you can usually just disconnect it from power, remove the four screws that attach it to the case, and get a new power supply to replace it. Something like this: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151095 Unless that's what you don't want to change.

I don't think it can be turned to more than 400W, the "switching" part seems to have something to do with how it functions: http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/power-supplies/ac-dc-power-supplies.aspx
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looking at those specs, it would probably easier to buy used hardware from ebay. or you find one donator here. i got computer parts lying around which are useless to me but beat your limits given by the motherboard.

open a PLrankFailer 's charity donation thread ;)
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Thanks, Q9650 looks nice, but it costs at least 70€. A bit too much for this temporal computer build. Ill try to find something cheaper.

DErankAdminmojjj sure, if u have spare CPUs for Abit IP35 send them to me. Ill find use for them ^^
On a serious note, im just in the point of chosing between a decent car or a decent computer. Cant afford decent both at the moment. And since it takes me an hour to travel to work ONE WAY by bus, i really prefer to get a nice car, especially that i have time to use computer once, or at most twice a week.

Ok, since ive just tested my "rig" with 6GB, it works much better now. I got especially annoyed when it took 20mintes to load a Cities:Skylines map. Now with 6GB it takes 1 minute...
Considering this I wont put anymore money into it, since CPU alone shouldnt be slowing it down so much. It still wont run gta V, but who cares :D
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22 months ago
I probably would have some LGA775 stuff lying around in usable condition, but the problem is that shipping theom from Finland to Poland would probably cost at least that 60€.
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22 months ago
Also get arctic silver and a giant heatsink,

You don't need such things like Arctic silver if you don't clock GPU or CPU. It's enough with standard cheap silicone or zinc oxide thermal grease 0.7 - 2.7 W/m-K. I'm using industrial grade silicone paste with 0.7 W/m-K for my 95w CPU with standard factory heath sink. And for my 175w GPU grill card I used 1.85 W/m-K cheap paste.
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22 months ago
One good investment would be a SSD, even if only 64gb. Try finding a cheap one, it really changes everything.

I also have a friend who is getting rid a of a ~2011 computer but how much would the shipping cost??
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22 months ago
Germany to Poland, 5kg, 15,99€ with DHL
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22 months ago
I probably would have some LGA775 stuff lying around in usable condition, but the problem is that shipping theom from Finland to Poland would probably cost at least that 60€.

I've just had a ~3kg package sent to me from France for 30€. A CPU may even fit in a regular envelope and be extremely cheap to send.
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22 months ago
as usual I can help you make a easier li*e

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DErankChesti succedes at providing nothing to the topic again.

CHrankConnetable I'm fine with my HDDs, especially since I added a 2nd one. Now one of them is running system thingis and the other one stuff like games etc. They both run at ease at 45-50mbps so its enough for me at the moment. Not something to be excited about, but its fine.

FIrankVermind letter up to 350grams from Poland to Finland costs between 10 - 20 zł, depending if you want it to be a prioroty, and if you want it to be registered. Thats basically up to 6€. Ive got some random euros laying around on my euro bank account, so i could pay back.
But dont bother if the spare stuff you have is barerly any better than my E6550 ^^
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22 months ago
I should see my friend on Friday ; let me check.
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22 months ago
I have brought the pc at home.

This is a AMD FX-4130 with Corsair watercooling overclocked to 4.4Ghz, 8Gb dd3 ram, 550W power supply, broadcom wifi card, no HD, ATi HD 4800.

Would be too expensive to send you the whole tower, but could send you the CPU, motherboard, cooler, power supply, wifi card and GPU (you may have a newer one though). I'll keep the ram but i can give you 4Gb ram instead.

What do you think?
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22 months ago
Hi, found some cheap letter shipping options, but looks like the motherboard I have is missing the CPU ( ! ). Perhaps I have used it for spare parts of friends' PCs. I think I have another MB somewhere, I'll try to find it.
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22 months ago
Connetable beats my stats, was core2quad 2,4 Oced at 2,9. Nvidia 560, 8g ram.

Better chose quick or else you will be used as dumpster.
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22 months ago
Your ram is probably ddr2? Otherwise, you could send it to Failer and I send the rest.
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22 months ago
PLrankFailer manifest yourself quickly or the pc goes to the trash center.
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I'm back.
My computer decided to die. (Probably RAM slots on mother board gave up)
I need to buy a new computer. Like every piece of it, cuz all components are old.

I need some advice: I've found some site with conputer nerds informations: https://m.pclab.pl/art52777-15.html (you may want to push yellow arrow to the right, to move to "3200zl" version, if it doesn't link you automatically) (also you want to scroll down to skip polish blah blah and proceed to table with components. Prices are in zł, 1 dollar = +/- 3.6 - 3.7żł

There is quite a good set there, but do you have any advices about it? Anything similar in lower price, or STH better in the same price? Maybe smaller ssd for lower price?

Also any good monitor for this setup in decent price? Full hd preferable.

Computer will be used mainly (and mostly) for games. No programming, no video compiling, just pure gameing, so I don't need 9001 CPU cores

And I don't want to exceed $1k by much (actually I would not want to exceed $800, but... well...) if possible.

Would appreciate any advice, cuz I'm a noob as I said in OP.

P.S. ye, I know GPUs are plummeting now, I'm not going to buy it today, will probably hold off for a few months till they got cheaper.
No, I'm not going to buy new newest generation which will be released in a couple of months.

BTW, WTH, 140 players are playing? ZK finally got released on Steam?


Oops, sorry guys , I did not notice your offers to send me scrap parts from 9 months ago... :D
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Yup we got steam players.

I used this site to choose hardware for my pc build: http://www.logicalincrements.com/ - I don't think you need expensive case for pc, the only things to pay attention to are USB ports, hard drive slots and air vents. According to that site, the graphics card you chose is a bit too strong for the processor you chose (or processor too weak) and processor can become a bottleneck.

Builds are with gaming in mind with components of approximately equal performance. I've paid for mine around 4000 zł, because I chose a bit more expensive graphics card (gtx 1070). I've bought used one from crypto-miners for around 1000 zł.

For monitor/display I suggest looking for used ones, there are often good deals when some graphics design company sells out. I've bought 27 inch dell for ~ 600 zł I think, while its brand new costed 2800 zł. It serves me 5 years or more now without issues.
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i3 8100 + 1060 6gb will cause bottlenecks?
I thought i3s from 8th gen are comparable to 7ths gens i5s. And those should be fine with 1060 gtx, wouldn't it?

Also, seems fine to me. BF1 and GTA V seems to use 100% CPU, but it looks just fine, not lagging, nor freezing.
Also I don't mind lowering graphix a bit if they are freezing a bit.

Also this guy seems to have 12gb ram at least. I play to get 8GB (maybe I'll consider getting more, but that's not certain). Dunno if that has much to do with game running smooth.

Also. Even if it would be bottlenecking, will it be a huge problem? Minor freezes in the high end games on ultra graphix are not a huge concern to me. If I dont like them I might lower the settings to very high or even high. I simply don't want to upgrade to i5, cuz it costs a hell lot of a money, but on the other hand downgrading GPU to 1050ti or 1060 3gb would... Waste my money, 1050ti or 1060 3gb will be useless in 2 years time, and I'll need to upgrade GPU anyway.

Also... I type also too much.
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