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Campaign Week 5 - Hovercraft and Amphibious Bots

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12 months ago

This week of the campaign is a two-for-one combo with the release of missions for two factories. These missions show various aspected on mixed land/sea combat with hovercraft and amphibious bots. Tell us what you think in the feedback thread: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/24469

Zero-K is doing well on itch.io, we were entered into the featured list and are doing well in popularity. We are still low on ratings so get an account and rate our page at https://zerok.itch.io/zero-k if you have not yet done so.

Shield visuals have finally been rewritten in LUPS. These shields have a much lower performance drain and, while they may look a bit basic looking at the moment, the change will allow us to further improve their visuals in the future.


Dominatrices now inflict 95% capture progress on their subordinates when they die, making the newly freed units easy to recapture by any surviving Dominatrix.

Tweaked Racketeer missile physics to make it take about 10% longer to hit its target. This is intended to make Racketeer less effective at nullifying bombers.

Centralized commander shield positions. Convict and Thug shields are 18 elmos higher.

Structures can no longer teleport (nobody noticed that they could).
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12 months ago
(edited 12 months ago)

The new shields are a lot more readable, I slightly miss the hex pattern but big improvement anyways.
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12 months ago
Some texture and possibly impact effects would be great indeed. Currently they feel rather empty and lacking.

The improved visibility is great though.
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