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Campaign Feedback - Hovercraft and Amphbots

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3 months ago
(edited 2 months ago)

This thread is for feedback for the following campaign missions, initially released Sunday 19 November 2017:
  • Blackmire: Unlocks Amphbot Factory, Conch, Archer, Limpet, Buoy, Urchin
  • Shabun: Unlocks Duck, Scallop
  • Sirlanna: Unlocks Grizzly, Gauss
  • Asjulohi: Unlocks Angler, Djinn, Lobster, Chainsaw
  • Kalyp: Unlocks Hovercraft Platform, Quill, Dagger, Mace, Scalpel, Urchin
  • Falloway: Unlocks Claymore, Flail
  • Lovaza Jira: Unlocks Halberd, Lance

Useful feedback you can give us includes:
  • Did you experience any technical difficulties? (If so, it would be great to get infolog, screenshots if appropriate, etc.)
  • What difficulty level did you play the mission on? (The options are Easy, Normal, Hard and Brutal.)
  • How difficult did you find the mission? (On a scale of 1-10 or something.)
  • Were the optional objectives all too easy? Too hard? (The aim is for each mission to have some easier and some harder ones.)
  • What were your biggest challenges in completing the mission?
  • Were the main objectives, optional objectives, and hints clear? Were they useful?
  • How enjoyable was the mission? (On a scale of 1-10 or something.)
  • Any other specific feedback about the mission.

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3 months ago
It would feel more satisfying to have that "protect your commander" objective ticked off after victory occurs.
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3 months ago
(edited 3 months ago)


Straightforward mission. I was disappointed because it was as simple as "build 100 scalpels", then "use attack move". I'd move current Brutal config to Normal, if there even is a difference.

Diff 0/10: 15 minutes is enough time to kill the enemy twice over, no counters to scalpel besides subs.
Fun 2/5: Enemy had a trollcom, but he forgot to use napalm rockets.

(This mission might actually be harder than some early missions, but at this stage and difficulty I don't consider this fitting)
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3 months ago
Blackmire (Brutal):

I walked my com into the enemy base and won.

Diff: -1/1
Fun: meh
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3 months ago
(edited 3 months ago)

Planet Jira (Brutal, no rushing):

At first I was a little overwhelmed. Two AIs with striders and the heaviest unit I have available is a felon? So it took some fighting for attrition in order to get up to par with the AIs. After that it was smooth sailing as Circuit can neither handle FFA nor micro striders. AIs were both a little low on eco, a singu or two would have been ok for brutal.

Diff: 4/5 AI has a considerable headstart, felt just right.
Fun: 5/5 FFA, striders, being the underdog!

Planet Jira (Brutal, rushing):

Take a fast commander and run to the artifact. Win.

Diff: 1/5 You need to run smartly.
Fun: 3/5 Commander party.

IMO I'd find Jira a great mission if it was something like: Secure a landing zone in the center of the map for reinforcements to arrive. On brutal the reinforcements get infiltrated by an enemy detriment.
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