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Where is Firepluk?

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8 days ago
Last Login: 42 days ago
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8 days ago
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25 hours ago
50 days ago, WTF??
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25 hours ago
i hope he is ok.. did he say goodbye?
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17 hours ago
There are two plausible causes for this:

(1) dedline
(2) ded

The first is far more likely.
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17 hours ago
Today, we have lost a good man. A brother to all players young and old. We will forever remember how much he livened up the community with his lobster tactics.
Forever in our memes,
Rest in Piece Firepluk
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16 hours ago
He wasn't permanently banned (by accident, of course), was he?
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8 hours ago
(edited 8 hours ago)

I just kind of got bored from zero-k
Maybe this weekends...

Was travelling for some time(India), got back just a week ago
The most weird country(well I've actually seen Goa only and it's not real India, I know) I've ever seen
Locals try to rip u off at each fucking step, no prices at all wherever u going to buy something...
But so far it was great - excellent weather, sea, sun, fresh fruits and Old Monk, what one can ask more ;)

How zk is doing troll-wise? :P
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8 hours ago
(edited 8 hours ago)

firepluck your a better class of troll.. we have a new troll who talks allot about prisms and special Olympics.. but he is more confusing then fun

cant you at least train someone to take over the role
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7 hours ago
hah, I KNEW he was travelling, he's just picking up exotic troll tactics from across the globe, or is it flat disc nowadays.
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7 hours ago
(edited 6 hours ago)

it was part of a troll exchange program...

also, firepluk video footage leaked

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79 minutes ago
(edited 63 minutes ago)

I have to say - Indians are very good at trolling :P

One day I was walking along the beaches... Actually did this very day, the scenery is fantastic, especially in the evening :P

And u know they have so called shacks located along their beaches in Goa...
So... I stop at one and get a nice dinner, attracted by one of theirs crying 'come, excellent food, cheap, good'(in russian)...
He tries to say some stuff in ru to keep a conversation, like "My name is Pasha, I'm from India" :D

Next day I walk a bit further away pass that shack, meet another one who attracts "walkers"...
Along the conversation I ask about Pasha I met a day ago...
"Pasha is bad, he is from Pakistan, you need an Indian friend" :PPP

It probably does not sound hilarious when I'm trying to rephrase it in English but it surely did originally(being said in a very-very bad russian)

And ofc they troll u with prices on every step... Local taxis trying to charge x5-x10 of what they should :P
Thing is tourist come to Goa from all over the world - EU, US, AU u name it and the income of tourists varies wildly
basicaly muricans and eus spoiled locals and now they try to rip off everyone as they would earn similar income...

I lived in a very small village here, got some tours from local... Gotta say - english is our lord and saviour,
can't imagine having a normal conversation there without it :P English is 2nd official language in India

One more fun fact - they honk to cars when they are going to overtake them on the road, on most of cars in Goa you can read "please, honk, ok"... Nobody uses any rules on roads, except on which line to drive and even this is being broken sometimes by stupid tourists :D But still so far no major traffic accidents, cuz honk, honk, honk

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