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Science Storm : King of the Hill TEXT BASED

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Make an invention that could not be beaten, but however no one could be inspired by your invention unless encountered.
I exclude basic tanks, aircraft, and mechs etc, servos and rotors and combustion do not count as encountered science.

You are aloud to use basic sciences such as lasers, cannons, warp gates anything you find in your average futuristic science fiction. The complexities found with basic science, that you can't touch.

Your invention will not take effect if your explanation isn't fair enough comprehensible.
the science storm and I can assume you know how to play it, simply make something better than anyone else and win, the losers do not have any say whether their intelligent or not, that's for the victor's choice.
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2 years ago
If we're allowed to invent anything from science fiction, can I invent time travel?
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2 years ago
Yes, this is true but there are methods to avoid time travel being a threat.
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Ok. I remove the time factor from the reality equasion thus causing this King of the Hill game to never start because time stopped moving.
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2 years ago

My anti threats doomsday satellite has detected a time travel rift and their set coordinates as well as the existing nuclear threat which is easily nuetralized by our anti threat weapons, which will be desplayed shortly.

A portable specialist warship has been lauched from the doomsday factory.
Technology has remained unshrouded, to be continued.

By the way, they'll only be followed by this thing and regret using that science.
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2 years ago
*grabs popcorn*
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2 years ago
How did your anti threat detector detect a time rift if time stopped moving period? My temporal manipulator didn't do it locally. It stopped time. Period.

There is no temporal factor in our reality anymore. There is no movement along the time axis because there is no time at all. The fourth dimension has been removed. Theres only space now hanging in a post-temporal universe. As such I wouldn't even say that I "won" the discussion because everything has stopped forever so its pretty much a tie.
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Not if you haven't invest in enough money to make, introducing to you PLrankOrfelius my Ecticon Exactor. It took exactly 100 man hours to make it and It challenges the wits of any stealthed physics, so your attempts are futile, prevented and altered to a minimum of deceptions, allow me to reveal it's features.


A ship that can detect present rift openings /connections and can create new rifts links which can be blended into any present ones with mathematical exactors which is connected with any rift attempts/interferences allowing the ship to also in terms of flexibility by severing or blending any time/jump imbalances/changes that uses the same that's possible that's possible to the exactor's calculist. The exactor while active enters into a rift which gives it a safe distance from being detected by opening a gate rift from a privately specified point A and B with mathematical estimates making a point -A which symbolizes a time/rift jump that's incomplete traveling formula which can be completed by making a new point A and B from inside -A, and because of the rift's exactor's need for an opening rift to make an interference the rifts would have to be mathematically aligned enough to match that of chemistry which means the exactor's rift changes can also react as complex mirrors with different sources which is far to complex to define without an instant reflex and connection perfecter like the Exactor's calculist.

The ship can open rifts and close them shut to sever target as they're minced into particles by the many rifts that are open by simply surrounding a target with a short rift with point A when closed rift B severs the target. This can be used both as a weapon and a shield as it tears anything into particles or blends them with dimensional chain binding dematerializers found in the portal's mathematics.

The name of the ship is the exactor which is defined as a flexible rift sphere that destroys anything that isn't equipped as it's prism based structuring which can't be hijacked as it follows no order but the main objective which follows only exact mathematical physics based on how the main crystal's scratching encryption which forbids it from targeting all that's known in it's Ecticon database and it's own vessel components. In shorter words, this ship can pass through barriers that appear too physical to work with.

Question's answered now for the rest of it's features.

The design of the exactor has another feature which allows it to materialize a prism based matter which could not be damaged except by counter parting prisms weapons that could interfere with it's stability if accurate enough in mathematics. The feature allows the Exactor to act like an Parana with focus points, introducing the Parana pod. A prism based pod that's dangerous and mathematically adapted to any rift fields while it has a physical appearance it also has a deceptive motive which is to act as a mirage that shapeshifts, detonates, splits and fires deadly weapons of basic varieties which also includes Ecticon's tactics such as chemistry, panzy divisions and deception. It makes itself look like it has exploded and vanished while present or simply doesn't react to the target as through it is a physical object. It has no known knowledge of it's creator which means it will not give away it's true sources and uses the least unbelievable and basic battlefield approaches. The parana pod is also known as Aku since it takes many forms.
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PLrankOrfelius , your goal has been terminated as the exactor changed your course to a illusionary displayed altered version of your destination or simply making your time distort treated as a normal time field. And worse, the deception reaches to extents of exciting result making everything better than it would appear normally through the prism simulations which could not be detected unless you were precisely equipped to detect a change which means the exactor can only extract your device's components and give you a deceptive version of your tool which can detect other changes excluding the Exactor's presence.

If you knew or attempted too far, your equipment would only be severed in a way that looks like it was untouched and the deception process will continue as regular.

An interference from the exactor is like using the same exact source as the exactor's rift shifter calculist spharatic systems, so there could be no alterations without knowing the exactor's accurate calculations.
In the white symbolizes your content and that of the dark being the exactor's interference sphare sources which can slightly alter your reality flexibly.

Also, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light which is the exactor's mechanic exact structuring, so light times time travel further time control fields for the exactor's calculist as rifts also have a connection to that of a further physical surface which is more solid to prisms than biologically structured psychology reflexes which is limited to present fields.
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2 years ago
PLrankOrfelius is deceived into believing that he's the king of the hill.
As you stand where you find yourself lost in a simulation of a city that was devastated by an attack.
Which did you do?
A. Wondering why you're there.
B. Believed something was wrong.
C. Other.
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hmmm.. forgive this crude and assumptive blind fire..

if time stopped that may just mean change/entropy stops within our current understanding.. kind of like how a pausing a dvd is a frozen story..

but perhaps even a frozen story has a trapped momentum that evades the need for time and is still able to be itself as an (unchanged story)..

erm.. what i mean is that if a timer adds +1 to a counter every second.. then the count at 8 seconds.. would still be 8 even if time is stopped at 7 seconds and never allowed to get there. (ie. the idea a future you cant reach.. is still the true future)

the idea is that a ball that cant fall still has all the places it would fall or could fall if time did exist.. and those places it could fall are the balls potentials


if by some insanely un-probable miracle the universe contained every possible thing to begin with and it too was frozen and constantly unchanging..

i may have explained this badly.

.. perhaps in some mindbogglingly anomalous way the universe would be the same before and after using your time stopping device if it began frozen and began containing all perceivable time.

each reality feeling like its arrived from and is going to 'some place' while never actually moving or changing.. just kind of constantly sure its a day older.. among countless other realities.. sort-of how you can pause a dvd and all the frames of the story from start to finish are still ever present even though its paused

or maybe as a metaphor.. stopping a train may freeze the path seen through its windows.. but the path is unchanged even if its focus is no longer moving along the paths length
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Yes AUrankSmokeDragon that is the whole premise. There is no entropy, my team of scientists have managed to stop it for a great cost.

You are not understanding the scale of this situation unknownrankDrKran. There is no "time rift" or as I would call it "temporal distortion". The time stopped period. There is only past and present! There is no future! There is no hope! Or is there? Ha!

If you truly have a vehicle capable of projecting its own time field around it then you indeed won since I do not posses such technology. However!

The question that I'm asking you dear doctor is, how many such vehicles are there and how exactly are you capable of making time distortion fields around your vehicles. Also are these vechicles planetbound or capable of space travel or perhaps both? What are the energy requirements for powering your Exactors.

Also no such thing as prism matter exist as far as I know. A quick google search didn't yield any results either.

You are deceived by your inner lobster that you have won this round only because of your elegantly constructed and cheap strike ship which for some reason uses missiles filled with a magic powder made up for the exercise of being "invincible". Unless of course you could convince me that such material has a possibility of existing in the laws of our universe.
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maybe use the Ecticon-Extractor-Nullifier. It permanently shuts down and cannot be affected in any way by Ecticon-Technology.
After that stop time for fun.
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2 years ago
Neither of you 2 make any sense as a clear fact, Dr.Kran has an better understanding of physics than you do.
The icon above shows that time itself as another form of light and his device which has altering capability is more physical to that light than other physical objects.

Light is a surface to light
'Light -' Light = Mathimatical change with complex prisms

And DErankkatastrophe, you made that up unless Dr.Kran was foolish enough to give the tech to someone outside his faction, but that doesn't look like a thinkable thing for someone like him to do. It's more like you to say junk that doesn't make sense. He even made something that doesn't make sense look comprehensible and showed that it was off-topic calculations that doesn't seem to be true or look right.

I'll also like to say that my invention the saboteur will enter a building and self destruct but since he has access to time control and probably sealed gates, there would be no way my gadgets could penetrate.

I could also use laser cutters to get in though.
If you can't control time, simply Infiltrate with sabotage but there's no way of knowing how his data is stored.
@Dr.Kran : you're always impressive and I admire your knowledge the scyfi.
And PLrankOrfelius : your knowledge of only angels such as blind sources doesn't make Dr.Kran's fact wrong, you would need to have the full calculations like he does but his image isn't fully understood by anyone who doesn't know math well, I can give you a heads up and say do the math part because "It isn't and doesn't" isn't very mathimatical or clever.

You used a basic science called time travel or control but you don't even know how it works, neither does google and everyone knows that google isn't the source of all corners of calculations.

Dr.Kran : I also like the word you used 'calculist' it sounds nerdy.
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2 years ago
DErankkatastrophe : seeing merely how you type you only seem to have distortion motive and not seem to aim for the angels like Dr.Kran or other players do.

You should stay away from the excessive follies that you do and just don't say anything if it doesn't show all the angels of a calculist that involves someone other than you. Like I said, I see all four angels when I read from @Dr.Kran and with you and olfy here it's like it's not even fact.
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2 years ago
lol making new accounts just to give yourself head
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2 years ago
He has done this before as well. I did some research:

He made some nice 2d units though:


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2 years ago
Looks good given that it´s 1993.
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2 years ago

PLrankOrfelius just won. It´s the truth.
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2 years ago
He has done this before as well. I did some research:

So it is you FIrankVermind !!!!

sweden is not so far away from norway!!!!!11!!
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