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Please ban me

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2 months ago
(edited 2 months ago)

Ban me for month at least. See you later.

What for? for my internet OR PC ruining other people's games and time. That's an incentive for me to stop playing the game. Thanks

PS: I'm serious and wish this request to be treated seriously.
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2 months ago
(edited 2 months ago)

you can fix your network? or you can uninstall.. or if zk is a drug and your unable to restrain yourself you can call a rehab facility and be treated for addiction. if you really need a ban try posting pictures of boobs here.. thats bound to get you banned.. hey i might even get banned just for suggesting it

i know very little im not very good at this.. but maybe these may work:

. isp . & upgrade from mobile or copper to fibre
. move closer to an exchange
. get a modern modem
. your using linux so its unlikely you have viruses.. but your network drivers could be an issue..
. check your distance (ping) to the zero k server
. prevent updates or torrents/programs using data during your games
. check weather in area if your using mobile internet
. check that your mobile internet device (if using) doesnt have anything much between it and heaven if possible
. reset modem and change access passwords
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
(edited 2 months ago)

seriously, we did not ban Noob-Devs for failing really hard on ZeroK infrastructure either.

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2 months ago
You get nothing! Good day sir!
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12 days ago
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10 days ago
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10 days ago
Zenfur is one of the nicer blokes around. Will be sad if he goes.
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10 days ago
dont be a far-goat zenfur,grab the internet by the balls and squeeze all the bandwidth out of it!
In all seriousness tho it might be your pc/laptop whatever is so full of garbage malware and general parrasites that you simply have to format it.
If that dont work contact your ISP and tell them they are useless and they should become usefull soon cause theyr internet is useless.
But really if u dont want to ruin games and shit ,dont worry about it no one cares or is bothered by it more than you.
I get it tho i would be very frustrated with unplayability too if it were me,but a ban is going too far maybe :))
you can allways play bots or play 1v1's(in which case the oposition wont be bothred either lel).

Anyway please stay your voice is very calming.
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10 days ago
oh lol it was PLrankzenfur

I wondered why USrank_Shaman mentions him so many times and vice versa.. _)
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10 days ago
I'm sure that if I ask to be banned the whole community of ZK would be very SAD.

So, I will not do it.
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9 days ago
(edited 9 days ago)

Should have made myself more clear:

Due to many circumstances such as:
  • steam release and having trouble to play enjoyable games with people I knew
  • having a shitty day
  • annoying screen flickering bug I can't fix
  • being "bashed" on in games
  • having a terrible loose strike
  • disrespectful behavior of Drone in my last game
  • stress in other areas of life, while zk ceased to relax that stress
  • planning to take a break

The disrespect usually does not affect me as I've grown a thicker skin playing games like league of legends. Still it does hurt in moments when I feel insecure in life such as nowadays.

I've decided to stop playing ZK for now - for how long, I'll see. Thanks to your warm words I see I have a reason to come back to the game as community was always the most important thing I've valued in ZK.

Not playing has its benefits. This opens up some time for other activities, like getting into map making or widget making I've always wanted to try.

The issue of shitty pc has been resolved as I've bought a new pc.

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9 days ago
Good luck with your real life stuff and enjoy the break, look forward to seeing you online again in the future :)
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