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(There should be a video that starts from first lobby launch and guides into the game)

Quick start guide to economy


Overview of metal, energy and overdrive

Advanced guide to overdrive

Unit handling and commands

Basic commands and formations

Movement and attacking

Constructions and Queues

Combat with ground units

Transporting units

Circle guard

Penetrating shields with the missile silo

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9 months ago
(edited 9 months ago)

Added some tutorials from AUrankAdminGoogleFrog and CArankAdminShadowfury333 They don't all use the latest interface, but as long as it is similar enough to the current and doesn't teach conflicting hotkeys, I think it should be fine. I like Google's introductory economy tutorial, would be cool if that could be finished.

Are there any good starter guides? CArankAdminShadowfury333 said the lobby was self-explaining, but it might still be helpful to replicate the very basics for those who don't play the campaign tutorial.
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9 months ago
This should be a mediawiki page. I don't think site wiki pages should be viewable as wikis as they lack the links. I marked the economy video as WIP because it seemed less good than the rest. It is WIP in the sense that I may redo it.
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9 months ago
Tutorials are now on http://zero-k.info/mediawiki/index.php?title=Video_tutorials

I'll delete this page on next stable to avoid duplication.
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