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let´s continue: people just start hostile to new players

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8 months ago
(edited 8 months ago)

Since the original thread
was locked at an unfortunate time:


You see how many people stay for more than a few games? I might make myself a bit more unpopular now but it is a bit strange to see that the complains of the people that actually play clusterfucks on a regular basis (and that former a significant backbone of our playerbase in general before Steam) are constantly weighted lower as potential new players. This can become a source of frustration in the long-run. At the same time I DO NOT feel the need for reports etc. I heard there is a function to make rooms that are basically public but have some demands to enter like a minimum lvl or mmr?
I also heard there was the idea of a Clusterfuck-MM but it somehow did not get realised?

PS: we also have banned people for "general hostile attitude" already wich did not lead into "general
unwanted behaviour/face". While i basically share your opinion i would not be so strict. There might
be cases where a report for unconstructive behaviour could be useful. I can at least imagine such cases.
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8 months ago
(edited 8 months ago)

Seems like another point of evidence that clusterfun is degenerate. You open a room to play a game with twenty strangers on the internet and no threshold of minimum skill you're going to get all kinds of crazy behavior. Even before there were storage-spamming steam newbies there were storage-spamming veteran game ruiners.

Queue 1v1, or make a party and queue teams. Clusterfun has too much noise to be a serious competitive environment and you should just accept that you get what you get if you join such a room.

If you love ZK and want to see it succeed you have a duty to be kind and helpful to new players, and it's really as simple as that.
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8 months ago
People not just start hostile new player to. People just hostile new player on all online game actually.
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8 months ago
From many cluster parties that I played, I see only 2 issues :
* some newbies start the game by spamming storages => there are solutions
* some newbies are abusing of terra (yesterday someone built a bridge from an edge of the map to another one)

BUT it's not that serious. Thanks to the Steam release, we have regular 16v16s :D

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8 months ago
First id like to explain that what im going to say its not a complain.

Now, in my experience ive seen that some of the veterans are somewhat toxic, and i understand it, including myself, some newbies enjoy the 16v16 games and we suck, we spam unnecesary stuff and unintentionaly get to tk with artillery units, leading into negative comments and even insults on chat.

My point here is... its always gonna happen as (hopefully) everyday we will get new players, so be nicer and even if it gets tiring, instead of insulting, give advice, that way more people will understand the game and probably stay.

Ill end saying that i like this game enough to let it die, or simply reduce itself to the small veteran playerbase, so if theres anything i can do... count me in.
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