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Force new players to play x amount of solo games before they are allowed to play team matchmaking

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8 months ago
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Getting lvl1 teammates 5 times in a row is fucking boring

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8 months ago
Party up with someone more experienced then. Being a little freundlier would also help with that.
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8 months ago
really FIrankMONGOLOID watching some of your games wants me to open a whiny thread about your horrible playing.
I would like to play with a newbie who is open to hints, wants to improve and does not wastes his time posting on forums. This time could be invested in practice.
You need it FIrankMONGOLOID
and a new name too :-)
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8 months ago

If you are that good you should still win & it's supposed to be more challenging, hence less boring.

I won many times with total newbies on my team. Most of them are actually friendly and willing to listen to instructions when needed (some of them being even good after a couple of games).

But now that you made such a stupid and presumptuous thread I will take pleasure to troll you every time I see you in a game.

See you soon :)

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8 months ago
Solo games against whom? VS Ai where game-play isn't like multiplayer? Or other newbs who play similar and they continue playing same style?
I can agree that most new players is pretty bad. But this problem is also in DOTA2 and other games. Even with forced solo play...
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8 months ago
(edited 8 months ago)

Gating off MP forcing people to play solo games is bad for two reasons.

1. It disrespects player autonomy.
I do not buy/download a game to have it dictate to me how to play it and when to play it, damn it. I do not play a game to have it force a tutorial on me. I play a game to play the game how I want to play a game. Usually when a game forces me through a tutorial I just skip through it or uninstall/refund that game. I'm sure a lot of people are like that too.

2. You're only delaying the inevitable.
Newbies with maladaptive practices are going to play regardless of how you gate off the multiplayer. Embrace futility. As Bad players are going to exist, whether it is temporary or not. People are going to skip through your mandatory tutorials, your forced single player, whatever it is. They are going to then hit MP and they're going to be exactly like they are right now, if not WORSE. You will never win at this.

My advise for you:

Change your definition of fun. You get stuck with lv1 teammates? Go troll mode. Do things to make the situation more enjoyable as long as you don't team kill. MAKE the game fun for you. Otherwise, find a different game mode that is more fun for you, such as 1v1 or party with people you think are good/enjoy to be around.

Complaining on the forums and whining about a lack of forced singleplayer so that people can "git gud" or whatever to join your professional competitive sports league is not being productive nor is it getting you enjoyment out of the game any further. Pro tip: Not everyone wants/has time/etc to "get good" at an online children's playing card real time strategy video game.
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8 months ago
Play 1v1
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