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Planes are always flying

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32 days ago
Bombers already need to reload, they have no constant dps to speak of and so can be balanced around that, unlike other game's air units.

But what about fighters? Currently, Planes only need to land for rearmament, not for refueling. This change should give them greater potential to be more potent in the balance and maybe even open a window for nerfing ground AA.
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32 days ago
also this new airplay needs a leveler sidearm
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32 days ago
Don't worry. After every game fighters fly to ground and refuel until next game.
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31 days ago
This sounds a lot like "adding realism for the sake of realism" rather than an actual improvement.
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30 days ago
Would one of the anti-air planes benefit from having reload?

What would it change? How would that unit be used?
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