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Auto AFK

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23 months ago
Auto AFK on the lobby is stupid as hell. I'm there, waiting for the game to end while tabbed out, and the lobby autospectates me. Even if I get notified by !notify, I usually don't have enough timne to alt tab back, ebcause game already started. Please make it auto notify you when you're alt tabbed, and detect activity so while you're at your pc it doesn't atuospectate you. This happened to me way too many times and it's frustrating having to wait 30 more minutes, and then probably get spectated again
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auto afk should be increased by auto specafk on start!
e:its annoying when you get 4 coms on game start because lazy sleepers in your team
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I also demand 'unsubscribe' option - to stop receive AFKers units...
right now game forces me to reclaim their facs and coms to stop them from going back/forth to afk 50 times per game ^^
So yea, when u come back from another afk and find NO BP whatsoever - don't be mad. just resign

I don't want random afkers to suck my metal for their crap for 10 sec and then come back from afk, shit is blinking, metal consumption fluctuates - very annoying
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23 months ago
Honestly sucks to get random units from people all over the map.
Ideally units of people who are temporary away should be controllable by anyone on the team, but really shouldn't be doing this transfer thing.
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23 months ago
The solution for ingame AFK is to make a popup (ticket link). Feel free to make one, doesn't need to be very fancy.
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There should be a checkbox - gtfo for all eternity...
I'd tick... ^^
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23 months ago
Yoink, my units now.
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14 months ago
Auto AFK should work now. The opt-in lagmonitor didn't work so was reverted.
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