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Invite friends seems to have stopped working

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8 months ago
The ability to invite friends to matches (either co-op or hosted battle) has stopped working for me a few days ago. The Steam overlay also fails to make an appearance on alt+tab (even though it's enabled in the options).
Even uninstalling and deleting all local files hasn't helped.

Any ideas?
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Due to complaints about decreased performance, we asked Valve to disable Steam Overlay for ZK by default.
Unfortunately this takes out parts of the invite functionality.

(erroneous info below compacted)
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8 months ago
Btw, you can still invite friends just fine if you do it using your Steam friend list.
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8 months ago
The fix may be as simple as ZK updating the Steam libraries it uses, so we want to try that first.
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8 months ago
What you saying is incorrect EErankAdminAnarchid overlay DOES NOT HAVE TO BE initialized by the engine.
This is just someones (demonstrably) incorrect assumption.
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This is a pretty annoying bug, as we can't access map downloads either... Overlay b0rk3d.

[edit] Downloading manually works, just a wee bit slower ;)
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6 months ago
This would have been good to think about when disabling the overlay. I've made the menu fallback to use an external browser for links, and to tell users about how to invite friends through the steam app.
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