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The art of commander design takes on a radical new form even as the balance of power in the skies shifts.


  • HP 975 -> 1100.
  • Slows to 50% speed when firing weapons.

  • Missile damage 160 -> 200
  • Missile reload 4.5 -> 5.2
  • This is a 8% buff theoretical DPS buff

  • Range 340 -> 320
  • Damage 200 -> 180

  • Fire angle 120 -> 180 (Fire arc is now a half sphere).

  • Sight distance 350 -> 200 so it is no longer ridiculously good at scouting.

  • HP 1300 -> 1100

Valkyrie moves vertically twice as fast. This makes it faster to pickup and drop. Also nerfs stratosphere transports.

Scorcher and Push Newton prefer close targets. Pull Newton and Jugglenaut prefer far away targets.


Commanders now have five levels. Intrinsic bonuses (HP and special stats) are much lower than before; make up the difference with modules. New base morph costs are 100/400/200/300.

Heatray module:
  • Cost 125 -> 100

Napalm Grenade:
  • Cost 50 -> 125
  • Reload time 12 -> 16


  • Transportiee mass is taken into account when applying gravity gun impulse.
  • A transportiee hit by a gravity gun will transfer the impulse to the transporter, so it is now possible to launch larger things when they are in transports.

Note that Valkyrie has about 90 mass and Skuttle has 200 mass.

== Icons==

Newton icon DefenceRiot -> DefenceSupport to differentiate it from Stardust.

Hacksaw and Chainsaw AA icons have a bar behind them, they are "skirm aa". This is to differentiate the icon from Razor's Kiss and Cobra.


  • Fixed the most recent Hammer Thing.
  • Baseline comm can be selected after custom comm.
  • Fixed reclaim HP gadget. Reclaiming a unit no longer reduces it's health.
  • Fixed strange damage reduction when tilted for Sumo.
  • Windmills now face the opposite direction
  • Fixed Crabe death clone.
  • Fixed Clam build time.


  • High or Low construction priority overrides builder priority.
  • Esc cancels terraform drawing.
  • Moving order-type stipple for settarget lines.
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8 years ago
Awesome, 5 Lvls of Commander. :)
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8 years ago
Someone needs to look at the number of upgrades you can purchase. Most modules are limited to only 8 purchases. With the increased number of slots, we need to be able to buy more of each module.
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First thought nabs now will waste even more metal on commanders, dont know should we be sad or happy :)

And second thought imagine 3 additional advanced targeting on each com, uber sniper com now will be uber uber sniper com yay! And in fact I m happy coms was real waste of metal I hope this will make them better and maybe worth those 5k m or now they will reach 6k m price easily.

Anyway nice change.

EDIT: I wish old car repairer nanolathe would be bringed back, just to see how awesome com can be :)
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8 years ago
5 levels are incredible.

have sniper com now with dual shock + cloak + 8*adv-target.

or a jumper with 8 speed modules.

or dgun com with 8 range modules or 8 speed modules

or battlecom with 8 heavy armour modules or repair.

or expensive stuff with lots of expensive stuff.

anyway, lets see how the vamp/rapier balance works out.

great work!
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8 years ago
* Esc cancels terraform drawing.

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8 years ago
@NickOverflowAttack - the actual upgrade costs are cheaper, though, so it's only "wasting metal" on the most expensive upgrade parts, not just sticking on lots of those little cheap 10%-stat-boosters.

Although expect a lot of ubersnipercomms now that packing 8 rangeboosters is much more doable. I'm expecting some kind of limit or nerf on range-boosters will eventually have to happen.

Hopefully this experiment in convergence could mean the eventual end of the "chassis" concept altogether and a switch to pure-modular comms.
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8 years ago
ZOMFG, suddenly overpowered commanders are the new overpowered commander!
I can get my commander a Dgun for just 650m... goodbye old balance :p
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750. You still need to lvl2 first.

I'm getting one.

Also, with 5 levels, you can combine all the nice stuff you had on your olden lvl3 dgun comm with full upgrades to a rush-dgun comm at lvl5. and they will cost almost the same!
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8 years ago
8 is enough of any one module, but it does mean you can afford weapon conversions + full range or damage modules.

We'll probably go for a module rebalance at one point, and take down the range of some of the weapons (particularly sniper rifle). The BASE ranges of the conversions, artillery weapons and longer ranged weapons should only be a touch higher, because it's really the fact that a higher base range multiplies so much better with % modules that should be their advantage.
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8 years ago
Wait, so the artillery conversion is going to be even *worse*?
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Sniper rifle was the one KR balanced arty module that never got a nerf, and is probably the only worthwhile one.

Arty will probably be tweaked to be less useless at some point, but you might not be able to stack as much range.
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8 years ago
for conventional stuff use conventional stuff. use coms for "specials".
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8 years ago
By the way dont rush to nerf coms thanks.
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8 years ago
YAY for the Scorcher and icon changes! They're so awesome, I don't care for the rest!
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8 years ago
Someone should update the Official Commander Guide:

It still got old buildpower values.
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8 years ago
Comm morph costs have been raised to 300/900/450/450.

If you find this objectionable, direct complaints to [LCC]GoogleFrog[0K]!
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8 years ago
no objections, the insanity was a little much
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8 years ago
Well all I can say is OMG, 300% changes...
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8 years ago
I want 200/600/400/400

Nerf the modules (cost) instead!
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