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Occasionally can't join battles via Chobby, more often when starting it via Steam

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14 days ago

Here is what's happening: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pNgbg2ys22yy4Bc58

Battle list opens, but clicking any room does not open it. Sometimes Chobby restart helps, other times it does not.

Usually I get this when running via Steam, and then restarts usually don't help until some time after; but sometimes standalone chobby.exe does this too, and restart helps 2 times out of 3.
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14 days ago
(edited 12 days ago)

I find this happens in 2 cases.

Case 1: improperly logged in. To check this, go to chat #zk and see if anyone is online or if chat does not load history. Solution: log out and log in. No restart required. Frequency I get this: 15% of the time(of all startups).

Case 2: battle list stuck on old battles and does not update. After keeping chobby open for a long enough period and playing(I don't know what triggers it) battle list does not update. You cannot join new rooms, the state of the rooms(in battle? Players in the room?) Is incorrect, and trying to spectate matchmaker games that have finished results in nothing. Requires restart I think? Happens sometimes.

Edit: windows 10
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13 days ago
not case 2 certainly, since I only noticed that right after start.

Improper login – maybe. I've seen once lobby say "Connecting" and then work fine (without restart) when I left it in that state for a while.

But… each time this happens, first thing I try is to restart lobby. If that would have helped, I wouldn't even post here. Surely relogin must happen on restart?
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12 days ago
i am running chobby on linux with steam autologin. if the case described occurs, i have to restart steam and chobby, but that always fixes the issue.
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12 days ago
I tried restarting steam once or twice, it didn't help. But thanks for suggestion, I'll try it more to gather more stats.
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8 days ago
It looks like you lost your connection to the server. What happens if you log out then log in?
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