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Client/server maintenance update 10 Oct 2018

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We've applied some updates to the client and server software. This included an update to the Steamworks libraries, which may be followed by the Steam Overlay being restored in the near future.

Other fixes and new features:
  • Players can receive more than one extra commander if team player counts are sufficiently lopsided
  • Allow restricting rooms by rank
  • Unlocks page properly displays remaining donation ("kudos") points
  • Fixed donor badges showing for some non-donors
  • Fixed campaign commander losing levels
  • Fixed Steam popup for non-Steam players sometimes being partly offscreen
  • Added/updated some help menu links
  • Don't prompt for crash report after killing game's process
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thanks for the rather unfun yet neccessary work.
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nice updates

Allow restricting rooms by rank

Does this works in both ways?

no join possible between

custom low rank < my wanted rank < custom high rank

also it would be nice if this would be joinable with a level limit.
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14 months ago
The rank limiting commands didn't actually make it through. All limitations (level, elo and rank) are have to be simultaneously fulfilled to be let into a room, so it's not possible to exclude a certain rank in that way.
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Is this (SteamWorks) change present in the Steam Linux testing version?
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14 months ago
Is this (SteamWorks) change present in the Steam Linux testing version?

The changes apply to Linux too, but the non-Mono Linux executable hasn't been rebuilt.
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