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Build unit AI in test beta

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When building with a Conjurer (cloak bot builder), occasionally it will fail to move out of its own way to build a building. I suspect that it is not the only builder with the issue, but it is the only one I have been able to produce the issue with.

Edit: Every land based builder including commanders except for the spider constructor and engineering commander have this pathing issue. The spider constructor and engineering commander have larger build radii and that is probably why they are exempt from this issue. A comparison with the current non-beta version of the game shows larger move distances for this action, placing the resulting move point on open ground.

The easiest way to reproduce the issue is to areamex with Alt modifier. when the Conjurer approaches a mex point at just the wrong angle, it will stop on the third or fourth solar trying to move into one of the already built solars.

I have also had various issues with terraforming being interrupted, but have not been able to reliably reproduce the issue.

Also notable with the test build, it claims wrong spring engine version on opening.
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5 months ago
I made a ticket-ticket. Can you attach a short replay of the issue? If you test in multiplayer a replay is created on the test site.

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5 months ago
Will do this until given a different command:
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