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Matchmaker Maps Rotation

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19 months ago

It's time for a Matchmaker map pool rotation to introduce new maps (and give some old ones some love too).

Removed from 1v1 pool:

Shimmershore v1.0
Zed 2.3
Comet Catcher Redux v3.1

Added to 1v1 pool:

Something old: Into Battle v4
Something new: Thornford 2
Something borrowed: EvoRTS-New_Iammas-v05
Something blue: Aurelian v1.0

The same changes apply to the teams MM pool with one exception - Comet Catcher remains a MM teams map.

All of these changes are now in effect except for Into Battle, which will be added to the map pool after the next stable fixes its 1v1 startboxes.
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And a sixpence in your shoe: Quicksilver 1.1 ?

edit: fixed link
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19 months ago
Personally I wouldn't mind adding Quicksilver if and when its technical issues are resolved.
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19 months ago
Yeh the speed modifier needs to go.
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19 months ago
Can't you disable roads by default?
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19 months ago
I would have expected them to be disabled by default already, but apparently not?

The trees on Quicksilver are also alleged to cause lag for some players.
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19 months ago
The following changes have also been made to the featured map pool for battle-room games:

Featured for teams

Emerald Escarpment
Charlie in the Hills
Altored Divide
Kappa Basin
Emain Macha
Highway 95
Tandem Craters
Conquest of Paradise

Untagged for teams

(These would be unfeatured but to play it safe with campaign...)


Banana Valley

Featured for FFA

Temple Redux

Finns Revenge could be featured for teams with some technical fixes.

Twin Lakes Park and Shifting Sands could potentially be featured with some more testing.
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I gave serious consideration to proposing the unfeaturing/untagging of Storm Siege, Grts_DesertValley and Small Supreme Battlefield/Islands/Dry but my impression is that some people like these maps. Any comments on this?
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Supreme Battlefield to me is a big classic and should remain as it reminds me of Setons clitch on SC1, SC2, And Faf =D
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Storm Siege can go. Could Dead Reef Dry be added in the pool?

EDIT: sorry i did not see it was for the MM. FOrget then.
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18 months ago
Shifting Sands could potentially be featured with some more testing.

Are there still some issues which need a fix to make the map feature worthy?
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18 months ago
Manu when we last spoke about SS, we were going over how a few people's impression of the map was that it was just a "concept" or "unpolished". But who sets the bar, really?

Maybe all it needs is to look prettier and people will somehow equate that to "finish".
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18 months ago
With all respect, it will always look like a "concept" because it does not look like a natural terrain (more or less). But that should not mean that it cannot be included in the pool.
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I think I'll give the featured/teams-tagged pool another pass after the map contest is done.

The Into Battle change is also still pending. It's been a while since the last stable.
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17 months ago
Into Battle is now present in the 1v1 and teams matchmaker pools.
1v1 boxes are SW vs NE
Teams boxes are W v E
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