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Enable economy overlay by default

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23 days ago
You decide your strategy on which mex to take before entering the build commands for mex, and it is crucial to know which of the mex are arbitrarily double the value. Geothermal spots are basically invisible at far zoom without economy overlay. Economy overlay highlights which features are not cosmetic and instead make up the majority of your early-to-mid game economy. Finding out that the overlay exists or how to enable it requires getting lucky with a loadscreen.
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19 days ago
(edited 19 days ago)

Could also motivate lobsters to expand instead of making shielded cloaked simcity
All those shiny spots across the map must mean something, right?
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18 days ago
(edited 17 days ago)

I think the problem is more about teaching people how to play this game.

To expand and defend your expansion is a steep part of the learning curve.
Suddenly it is too expensive to have turrets everywhere to defend all those lonely metal spots.
It is like, you need an mobile force... like an army.

It is hard to say what the reward is to switching your thinking from static to dynamic.
The typical game play have trained these turtlely players to just survive... I guess they might think the Bertha or superweapons will win them the game in 3 hours. IN fact, there is more pain when you expand. People hate to see their stuff blowing up when those lonely mex get taken down.

This overlay being ON by default is not going to be super effective. It is already some what obscure how to erase drawings or turn off the drawing overlay all together. So adding another interface thing that needs reading the manual to figure out might be bad?

I like the intention of helping people lose less. When a player lose too many times in a row, they stop playing.
Attrition have been pretty bad but in the long term, as long as we can pay the server fees it should ok right?

I don't know...

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14 days ago
I'm all for this. I would also argue for making it text instead of the metal bars, but the metal bars are more efficient to draw.
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5 days ago
Teach people how to play ? Good luck with that. :D

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