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Music not Working in Battle

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The lobby music works. In battle, the music doesn't work.

How it Happened: I was showing one of my friends the game through a steam stream, but the music was too loud during the battle, so I turned off the music via the audio panel in the options menu. I set the music bar to 0. After I was done showing my friend the game, I wanted to turning back up the music, but sliding the music slider had no effect.

What I Have Done:
I have checked both Chobby and Ingame menus to see if the music volume was up (it is)
I have tried playing with the sliders to no effect
Validated and Reinstalled the game through Steam to no effect

Anyone have any other ideas on how to resolve this?

Edit: I actually managed to get it working again by sliding the music to 0 and back to 1 again.
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6 months ago
I just want to write slide it to 0 and back..
but you find out by yourself. :-)
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