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Change request of Resource UI

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2 months ago
Hi there :)

I just realized - monthes after playing - that the resource panel is confusing me.

I can clearly and immideately see how much income on metal and energy I have.

But I can only see how much metal I spent.

The amount of used Energy includes overdrive and so I cannot easily see, how much Energy I use (e.g. build power, upkeep, defenses).

It will help me, to make better decissions when and how many energy structures I have to build.

At the Moment I have every time to check the panel popup for "construction" and "other" and estimate against income.

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2 months ago
Good topic. I generally don't care about this, because I just balance energy income over metal income. But when I build cloak units and shield units I also get confused cause I have to add energy drain sources in my head and then subtract that from energy income and compare that to metal income, and I can forget about all my energy drain and whatnot. It is also unclear whenever I consider how to invest into overdrive that I think about it very binarilly usually. In essence, when I invest in overdrive build a block of energy then never scale again(which may cause problems if I spam energy drain units like phantoms).
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