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..ton ... newton

on a cliff it can repel units to death
else it just delays 1 unit a bit

on attract it can if its lucky assist a kill

it helps to stop ravens

faraday outclasses newton many fold in usefulness
please dont nerf faraday

please can newton have some buff:

*maybe higher impulse
*maybe higher health
*maybe lower cost
*maybe more targets
*maybe slow damage


also like always please can quake missile have some buff too? who ever even use them?
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Just because Faradays are effective against air doesn't mean they should be nerfed.
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15 months ago
if Newton gets a buff, I would prefer it to be 75% damage resistance armored form when its not being used, or if that is too hard to make since it doesn't have clear armored form animation, just more health.
Currently the greatest weakness that Newton has is its low health pool. While Faraday can reasonably well survive bombardment in its armored form, Newton will get torn to pieces 4 times faster. Higher health pool would also help to mitigate collision damage when Newton drags units toward itself.
I am also not entirely sure on the collision mechanics, but I believe higher mass on newton would decrease the collision damage it would take? if so, maybe that could be edited as well.

The range could also be increased slighty:
The impulse gravity should have 440 elmo range, while the attractive gravity should have 460 elmo range according to unit card, but currently they both have 440 elmo range. This lets units such as Ronin outrange the Newton, while Faraday could stun a squad of Ronins that get too close.
it is a small difference in range, but it has huge impact on the list of units that Newton can counter. it would be good at least the attractive gravity had its listed 460 range.

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15 months ago
We also discussed of increasing elevation of turret when pulling, decreasing when pushing
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also like always please can quake missile have some buff too? who ever even use them?

Maybe they should just be cheaper. 400 is a lot for "making a crab fall from its stick" and such.
250, maybe 300 seems more reasonable to me.
Inferno is also a bit "meh" considering its pricetag of 500.
Can be hard to make cost with those, especially if u factor in the Silo costs of 1200.
Shockley and Eos are definitely strong enough tho.
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they dont even make a crab fall.. they are very weak

inferno can kill whole armies of some units such as recluse and deny construction in areas.. i agree its much harder to make cost but it has its uses vs hordes of low hp/speed units

quake missile does not have a use.. or somone would use it.. i think even at 100 metal it would barley get used.. maybe sometimes to support armies that are path blocked..

or maybe decloaks units?

or slows?
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15 months ago
as always, i add to the quake missle topic: give it massive impulse to lol-throw units around the whole map (like licho has?)
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15 months ago
Or make it quake the earth for ~6 seconds - dealing slow damage per second and shaking your screen - flattening terrain with each pulse.
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anything.. any kind of buff.. give it a reason to exist | in 100 multiplayer games its made an average of NO times
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