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Request: hold position / hold fire toggle Macro

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13 months ago
I know there is a macro in game but it cycles between hold-fire - fire when shot - fire at will
this is the same with position.

Not sure if this is already in the game
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13 months ago
So These things kinda sorta exist. there's 4 bindable Move State commands: toggle, set Hold Position, set Maneuver, set Roam. There's 4 bindable Fire State commands: toggle, set Fire At Will, set Hold Fire, set Return Fire. These are under Hotkeys/Commands under the yellow State Commands header in the button vomit.

When you try and set a keybind to more than 1 thing at a time(I tested both toggles) the system will only take your keypress for one of those actions. If I bind holdfire and holdposition to ';', and I select a unit, pressing ';' will only set the unit to hold fire, the movestate will be unchanged. To extend on this, I have set 'o' to impulse mode: toggle and 'o' to Area Cloaker: toggle. I can select a Jugglenaut, pressing 'o' changes impulse. I can select a Cornea, pressing 'o' enables/disables the areacloak. When I select a Cornea and a Jugglenaut in the same selection, pressing 'o' will only toggle the jugglenauts' impulse state.
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13 months ago
I found it but can't find a way to cycle between hold position and maneuver with only one button.
Similar to the move state toggle but ignoring Roam, this is also the case with fire states.
My current work around is set Q to maneuver and Shift+Q to hold position, however this feels every unnatural.
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13 months ago
Copy and modify this widget: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/blob/master/LuaUI/Widgets/cmd_state_reverse_toggle.lua
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