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Spring Map Contest

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Three months have passed since we had a map contest, and winter gave way to spring (at least in the northern hemisphere).

It's time to kick off the Spring Map Contest!

As days got longer, night got shorter; to reflect this, the theme of this contest will be this:


The Rules

Make a map within two weeks from when this message is posted. This means you have until 09:00 UTC @ April 20th 2019.

The map should support 1v1, even if designed primarily for teams or FFA.

The map should have the maximum dimensions of 14x14. You can make non-square maps, but then the largest dimension should still be 14. Try to avoid very narrow maps.

Try to stay within approximately 40 mexes or less, valued around 2.0.

The map should feature something related to light. You can interpret this theme as much as you like. Maybe it has fancy streetlights that actually glow, or ones that don't; or maybe the scorching sun has burned the surface to a crisp, leaving it to cool in beautiful formations of luminiscent slag - or a temperate sun helped cover it in lush vegetation! Feel free to handwave this in any ways you want.

Maybe you'll say your map was sculpted with a Starlight, and the middle flatlands is a consequence of someone being too SHINY. That's also fine.

Released maps will be rated and ranked by players. Only the players who have played at least one game on all of the submitted maps will count. Ratings will be only accepted after the submission deadline, no early votes.

There are still no fixed criteria; vote as your heart pleases.

The Prize

Quite aside from an event for testing the maps, the map that wins the contest will be featured in a ZK tournament following the conclusion of the map contest.

Additionally, it's possible it will eventually be used for matchmaker - but that's a tougher thing to promise, so i won't.

The Tech
If you're not new to Spring/ZK mapmaking, feel free to use anything you want or have used until then.

If you're new, it's a good time to learn! You can use these materials to get yourself started:
How To Make A Crappy Map For ZK In One Hour - the video should guide you through most of the process, and you're free to use any of the assets in provided complementary files.

Map Creation Manual on the wiki contains more in-depth and in-text documentation (i hate videos personally, so i'd start here myself. Because i hate videos.)

Simple Map Tutorial for Spring in general (also linked in the above manual!) also contains useful and easy-to-follow instructions. As well as even more links to deepen your knowledge.

You can ask for help on #zkmap in the lobby or on the same channel of the ZK discord.

The Assets
Unfortunately i wasn't able to go with the stretch goal of providing a theme-fitting asset pack by this exact minute - but that just means that i'll have to it on contest time, kind of collaborating with anyone who wants to take them (or suggest/request things!). The rule here though is that these will be non-exclusive: anything requested or implemented is free for use by any contestant.

The main type of assets i intend to be doing for this contest is various dynamic-light installation features - streetlights, sparking damaged cables, glowing rock formations, neon billboards, bioluminescent trees, and whatever else that fits.

I'll keep updating this section as stuff or requests actually happen.

The People
This is the participants list. It will be updated as people register up, and include their submissions when available.

DErankManu12 with Daybreak Canyon v1.1
CArankPetTurtle with FrostyCove v1.5
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2 months ago
Prepare for the daybreak.
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2 months ago
Sign me up, but have I have finals in a week so not sure if I will finish
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Getting to those shiny features. Now to add dynamic lighting.

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2 months ago
Getting to those shiny features. Now to add dynamic lighting.

Will the streetlights sway in the wind?
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2 months ago
Yes. Therefore, these are called *way*lights.

Also for some reason they (and all other features on this map) seem to not be dropping shadows? Any ideas?
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What about glowing crystals?

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Watch out for GBrankSparkles
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2 months ago
This means you have until 09:00 UTC @ April 20th 2019.

Sth will be coming, but it might take until evening.
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2 months ago
Better late than never :)
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2 months ago
My submission

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I submit Daybreak Canyon https://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/57842 .
Anyone knows why dafuq the picture is red instead of the real texture?

Probably the smallest map for Zero-k atm, wanted to try if this works out or maybe it results in comrush (well whatever happens will happen).
Features are missing but will probably be added after some testing.
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2 months ago
Manu making a tank map >_>
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I don't think anyone else is going to come forth with unexpected submissions, so the voting part is going to be an 1v1 :)

Players can play the maps and choose the one they like more:
Frosty Cove v1.5
Daybreak Canyon v1.1

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59 days ago
had to make the exact same map with v1.1 but now the displayed picture is right https://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/57843
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59 days ago
Fixed links to feature Daybreak Canyon v1.1.
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58 days ago
Having tried both maps, I feel like Frosty Cove has more potential for interesting games, but I'm not sure if it isn't a bit too reclaim-heavy. That being said, Daybreak Canyon is surprisingly playable for a tiny map.
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57 days ago
That's 1-0 for Frosty Cove for now!
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23 days ago
And, with no further votes, i guess Frosty Cove wins, with Daybreak Canyon taking the silver.

Maybe i need bigger prizes to these contests :P
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