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Hellaciouss how toxic he is

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15 months ago
I saw some games.... how others see his late behaviour?
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Well often peeps deserve getting flamed.

ofc you polite first but:

the guy who doesnt bulid lotus at factory
the guy who suicides big units
the guy who doesnt connect grid
the guy who gets scynthed the 5. time and still doesnt bulid countermeasures
the guy who feeds his units/metal to the enemy
the guy who bulids solars at 1.5 wind
the guy who doesnt terraform adv geo/singu
the guy who weastes ecos on shield instead of sending in 1 shockley first
the guy who nukes without scouting 4 antis
the guy who doesnt nuke when anti is stunned
the guy who underestimats a Artemis and wonders where his bombers/krow went
the guy who reclaims the unit youre reseructing

and so on.

Beeing toxic is generally bad but sometimes youre confronted with such enormous "educationresistance" what else could u do? just resign cuz if that guy continues its lost aleready anyways?
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if you troll and talk shit i will do the same, simply as. I don't start shit but I will finish it.

I'm pretty quiet till someone starts talking shit about things they have no idea about.
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15 months ago
your all here to play zk right?
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15 months ago
he is very toxic.
he started a kick vote without a reason and do other shit.
Ban he from the game.

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Hellaciouss are you able to let the past go and be nice?

these people have probably also made you angry i understand.. but they do have a point we cant stand for troll.. so everybody chill or admins will take out swords
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15 months ago
Is this a diversion tactic or something?

My personal ranking of flamerbads:

1. Firepluk
2. Chesti
3. Snoke
4. Dark_gf
5. Hellacious
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The game in question was Xiv building 10 storage from the start and then starting a Detri

Building 10 storage is, per the moderators, detrimental to the team. Buildings a Detri, from the start, is detrimental to the team. He literally did nothing but be detrimental to the team.

He wouldn't even be alive in that game if it wasn't for me defending his shit from scythes.

Then he talks shit when I built another anti.

He keeps talking shit and being toxic and I will be the same right back at him.

>Is this a diversion tactic or something?

Yes, they are attempting to goad me into reacting to them cause they are buttmad one/multiple of them got muted for being toxic. Same shit, same clan, different day.
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15 months ago
watch the replay.
First i morphed the commander and i build 2 sure-storages.
Then my commander was dead.
Then i build a Dante and 10 Constructors for repair my Dante.

Iam micro my Dante and repair my dante with my cons.
Iam nothing more. So i have many metal and for the End iam build Protector and a detri.

You are Lie when you say iam building 10 Storages and a Detri from the Game Start.

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15 months ago
this fight is for fun i guess =/ enjoy
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I said everything I had to say.
Only very ugly, if Hellaciouss even have such a small picture of perception.

Otherwise, I have nothing to add to the said.
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15 months ago
Drama? Dramaaaa!
ZK day without drama is day wasted!
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15 months ago
someone need to enter the society
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Yes, lets watch the reply, shall we?

This is a "star player"

- Less then 1 minute in, has a storage built, causing stagnation for entire team, very detrimental at start of game
- 3:20, com dies to scythes solo knowing they have scythes balls on this side of the map, even after I warned them via ping
- 4:00, second storage built
- 4:30, 4 weaves, 1 caretaker, and building stride hub even tho doesn't have the eco for that much build power.
- 7, Dante done
- 8-9, builds 8 additions storage for 10 total
- 9 nearly suicides dante using 0 support for it.
- 10:30, starts detri
- 12-13, nearly loses all storage to scythes
- still doesn't bother building anything but the detri
- even Astran calls him out for building the detr

- 16:45 I start building anti-nuke while NOT having 2k metal stored up figuring "fake star" is uselessly using all his metal for his useless detri so I should probably build one, i look back toward front line
- 17:20 He starts building anti nuke
- his anti finishes maybe 20 seconds before mine, keep in mind he had 2k metal stored and is using a number of weavers to help build his
- 20 he pings "idiot 3 antis here now" on MY anti even though I started building it 30 seconds before him.
- i ping for him to talk shit again and to see what happens
- he continues to be irrelevant the entire game, stealing front line reclaim, to the detriment to the actual people who need it who are building units to actually help push front line, to go into his massive storage with the game determined and won long before he finishes his detri
- 24 detri finished, again, game is already decided as the other team lost entire right side

If they other team wasn't so bad they'd have killed the detri using the BB's or the first nuke seeing as Ather scouted it, but that's another story.

In the end, it is once again the same people starting shit and talking shit and trying to goad me into responding because they are mad that they get muted for starting toxic drama.

Anything else to add Xiv or are you done being a toxic fake star player?

Should I start with the other fake star player Chesti now?
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15 months ago
Yes please, we all want to hear what you have to say!
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If anybody intends for any of this to be actioned by admins, we will need to see a replay (or if it was out of game, some indication as to when it occured).

I will remind everybody that blowing off steam is allowed but systematic abuse of other members of the community is not.
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15 months ago
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In reference to Multiplayer B716553 21 on Comet Catcher Redux v3.1:

I don't think Xivender played below his skill level, deliberately or otherwise. Not all dark-blue players got that way by playing "standard" Zero-K or by being particularly adaptable to adverse conditions.

I do not think a kick vote on Xivender was appropriate. Nor was the retaliatory kick vote on Hellaciouss appropriate. I won't issue a formal warning for these but please do not use kick votes to make a point.

Chesti all-chatting as a spectator and aggravating the situation is bad. He is presently banned for an unrelated incident.

Xivender should not have verbally abused Hellaciouss. A warning has been issued.
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15 months ago
Was that now rlly necessary?
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