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[update issue] no way to play

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3 months ago

I'm expriencing some issue with both campaign and skirmish mode: no way to start a game.

On skirmish I got a "draw" results after starting position selected.
On campaign I got a "ready" flag but nothing more.


With the previous version I got only troubles using "non dev" AI in skirmish mode --> crash of the application.

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3 months ago
Can you submit a bug report to give us a look at your infolog?

I expect that you are using an old version of the game files, which is crashing on the newer version of the engine. How did you install it? As far as I can tell this is an issue that sometimes occurs with portable installs.

Deleting the packagers, pool, and games folder should resolve the issue.
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3 months ago
I tried to submit a infolog.txt file generated yesterday but I failed :{

I only trashed the game and cache folders... trying now to check if your advices fixed the issue, otherwise I will download the portable
version again.

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