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how to stop AI from resign?

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32 days ago
The Beginner AI, if overwhelming, turns on globalLOS and stops fighting. Is there a way (setting?) to cancel that behavior?

The Normal AI doesn't do that, so I tried:

~/Zero-K/AI/Skirmish$ diff -r CircuitAIBeginner64/stable/ CircuitAINormal64/stable/

but didn't find any clue as to what setting to change.

Any help would be appropriated.
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32 days ago
That sounds like a bug rather than a configuration issue, perhaps Lamer knows

One solution would be to only play against Brutal AI :)
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12 days ago
Actually, it turns out the Normal AI also resigns. Any ideas how to stop them to do it? The most important for me is the Beginner AI.
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12 days ago
tell it you love it and give it flowers. ;D women always love those things.
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10 days ago
Please provide a replay link.
Without seeing actual issue i'd assume that globalLOS only shows how handicapped Normal and Beginner AIs are.
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5 days ago
Here is a replay link for example:
As you can see, at the end there is a message "Ally Team 0 has an overwhelming numerical advantage" and then the GloblLOS is turned on (while AI still has some units, Commander etc.). The question is is there a way to disable this feature, so the AI will fight to the end (to the last unit) without GlobalLOS.
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5 days ago
I thought there was some gadget that kills AIs once overwhelming advantage is reached to prevent players from getting stuck when the game is effectively won.
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5 days ago
Replay actually is the case of "globalLOS only shows how handicapped Normal and Beginner AIs are."
From the start Beginner AI makes very rare orders, it is by design.
Try vs Hard or higher - it has no build_delay.

Also there's a case where game self-destructs AI when no builders left and player has overwhelming advantage - gadget (game) is responsible for that, not AI.
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4 days ago
The beginner AI is always that passive. You have just outgrown it.

Overwhelming Advantage is a kludge to avoid abuses with people dragging out games (similar to no Town Center or Command Center revealing) because we can't think of a more satisfying win condition. It is disabled in FFA, and we could add a modoption to disable it.

AI allyTeams are resigned by a gadget if they have no constructors or factories. You can disable this by setting the modoption disableAiTeamResign to 1. Nothing in the UI or hosting system lets this option be set.
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kabudasa - Just to clarify what the others have said:

The AI behavior you're seeing, which you've interpreted as "the AI resigning", is actually three separate things:

  • The AI no longer fighting
  • GlobalLOS being activated ("overwhelming numerical advantage")
  • The game ending before you've killed every last AI unit

The first - the AI no longer fighting - is not true. The AI continues to fight as well as it can until the game ends; it's just that the Beginner AI and many of the others as well deliberately don't fight very effectively at all. They are very passive from the start of the game and remain passive until the game ends. If you want an AI that puts up a fight you'll need to start playing against the more difficult AI settings.

The second - GlobalLOS being activated - happens in all games, regardless of which AI you're playing against, and in fact also happens in multiplayer games without AI (other than FFA). As GoogleFrog said, this feature is in place to prevent games from dragging out forever. It gets activated when one side has 25x the army value of the other side. The AI doesn't change its behavior when this gets activated; it continues to fight as well as it is able to. It just allows you to more easily dispatch the AI by finding the last constructor hiding in some far-off corner that your radar doesn't cover.

It looks like GoogleFrog recently added a modoption to disable this, so if you don't like this feature you'll be able to disable it after the next game update is pushed out.

The third - ending the game without killing all the enemy units - is the AI actually resigning. The AI will resign and thereby end the game (as opposed to simply stopping fighting, which it never does) when it has no constructors and no factories. This was added because it seemed like a pretty reasonable end-of-game condition for typical skirmish games; as long as there's at least a single constructor it's conceivable that the AI could come back from behind, but if the AI has no factories or constructors it has no way of producing more units and can only win the game if it can destroy the player using only its current army - which is very unlikely.

This means that if you really do want to hunt down every last AI Flea and Razor without the AI quitting on you, you'll either need to carefully allow one enemy constructor to survive, or set the disableAiTeamResign modoption to 1.

Hope this helps with what you're trying to do!
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2 days ago
To further clarify, there is no way to set disableAiTeamResign = 1. It existed as an internal option for campaign missions. The ability to do this is in the next update.
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