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Hello guys,

I have noticed that this game mod actually works pretty well in some matches. We just had like 7-8 games with these mods selected.
It's just simple, everything is disabled and only commanders are enabled.

No Elo = Enabled
Multipliers = 4X Metal and 0.5 Energy
Terraform Restore Only = Enabled
Disable Map Deformation = Enabled
Full Visibility = Enabled [Spoiler]
Disable all units and factories [Spoiler]

Can we have a map where we can play this game mode? A special map without mexes and has some energy reclaim somewhere.

Here is a match example of the game:
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11 months ago
The cycle of ZKDOTA has begun anew!
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EErankAdminAnarchid we have noticed something interesting in those battles:
1. D Gun commander is not a meta because of low energy income.
2. Slasher commander is strong
3. Recon commander with disruptor bomb and cluster bomb is strong
4. EMP commanders with multi-stunner are strong in a 1 vs 1 battle
5. Shields for commanders are a good buffer
6. Economy commander with drones is strong late game
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truth it is possible and this conversation has been already made, the point is the devs want you to make your own map to make it with instructions from spring website. but the thing is giving zero-k the options like 1 vs 1, ffa, and chicken options to add only commander fight or other things.

well it will take more time, it matters if more players play it. the devs will make the modifications forever maybe you should make a tournament and get players together and make a contest about this. do it over the weekend and player will go with your motion on the forum.

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11 months ago
this may start with people trying various builds, and over time will devolve to

- speedy cloaked dgunner + disruption bomber + multistunner

and then to

- speedy cloaked dgunner

after all, without screening units, how do you even reveal them before they fire?
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That's a good question PTrankraaar. I have noticed that the drones can't be controlled by the commander in any way. Can we have a special button for drones to go to a specific location if we chose to? This will counter d gun commander way much easier and it will also give more control over the drones.

Also, speedy d gun cloacker will eventually run out of energy and when he's revealed you just throw a disruptor bomb and it will slow him down hard.
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11 months ago
If drones are to be controlled like they were with the old Funnelweb, I'd want the option in the UI to switch them to (and from) automatic again.
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6 months ago
A list of disables that more people liked when i hosted comm only battles was to enable all eco, all def and most special

Airpad+Radar Tower+Advanced Radar+factorycloak+factorygunship+factoryamph+factoryspider+factoryveh+factoryhover+factoryplane+factorytank+factoryjump+factoryshield+factoryship++striderhub
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6 months ago
all this is heresy and needs to be purged from the server.
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6 months ago

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