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My licho is going to south, crossed the map border and never look me back. pls fix the bug.

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Edit: original title. My licho gone! cant never call back on this replay!

Edit: The command order to the licho didn't comply, many times.
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11 months ago
So just for clarity, it seems like there is a bug that caused a likho to fly out of bounds and become uncontrollable.

You can CTRL-Z to select it and see it's full health and is given a command to fly back to land, but does not obey.
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so like this? https://clips.twitch.tv/RoundPiercingZucchiniDBstyle same bug?
Edit: This happened in a game about a year ago, within 3 months of the steam release.
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11 months ago
At the very least, same behavior.
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11 months ago
great clip!
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11 months ago
Seems to be fixed. I think it was more a rare engine bug than a recently introduced engine bug.

I reverted the engine because it mass-crashed a few games. When that is fixed we should be able to update to the engine with the Likho fix.
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