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(serious) question to the ALF

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hey i just wondered what you are going to do with the liberated individuals after you freed them?
are you just going to let them run free? since i live next to a forest i know what that means:
either a horrible death to predators (hear the terrifiying screams of dying small animals regularly as the goshawk cuts their throat) or a very slow one to diseases. Would like to hear your plans for that.

P.S. this is not meant to make fun of anything. i honestly want dialogue.
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??? but what do your words mean? why am i confused? whats an alf?
a goshhalk is a minor bird of prey, is alf an alien sitcom puppet? whats the context here?

choices often have some good some bad as separate factors inextricably linked within a fine tangled weave..
because many separate albeit cohesive things will have many benefits and costs and only if you look deeply can you feel its fathoms..

take for example a vial of poison and a apple
there is no need for the poison .. no balance required
all poison = death
balanced poison/apple = death
all apple = delicious

so look at each part of a choice and recognize its costs and if no clear answer emerges then try to choose the less cruel option


plant the apple seeds and eat the gift <3
then destroy the poison vial
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5 months ago
ok, i didn´t expect someone to read this...
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5 months ago
oops i overshot the seriousness of the '(serious) question'
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5 months ago
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5 months ago
well i am interested in rooks actual ideas of politics. if this offends you or you find it hilarious, just ignore us.
i just think it´s better to talk and to stay in contact than to give each other shit all the time.
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5 months ago
no politics in the forum.


discuss what you want, but do it in private.
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5 months ago
Indeed this doesn't look like a desirable discussion to have on the forum, and unknownrankrooks[vegan] has a forum ban for some time in any case.
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5 months ago
I thought the idea was to kill the animals. Because breeding them on an industrial scale is an excessive strain on our ecosystem. Yet artificially introducing masses of animals into the wild would probably screw with the ecological balance even more.

Why politics? Can't you talk about food production in general?
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