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UI Death

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So, recentlly I have noticed my UI committing suicide at an increasingly often rate. It usually goes away after a battle or maby happens a couple of times a month but just today it happened for 3 battles in a row, the last one forcing me to quit.

This is the most common type, all build times and related stuff is scratched out, I vcant see what I am typing but can see it once it is posted. The game is playable but annoying.

The second type that happened soon after the first one. Everything looks like lego blocks and is really annoying and makes playing a bit of a nuisance. I can see posted stuff clearly but when typing its blocky.

The worst thing, happened for the fire time today and was unplayable. Couldn't move camera, everything was frozen except the game, I could see my allies move stuff and could move my mouse but nothing happened. I couldn't even open the menu. No chat possible and was just dead.

IMPORTANT: I tried to do /luaui reload each time each incident occurred and it did not work, as for the last one, I couldn't even type cuz everything died.

also, I am struggling again with the image...

battle link to the one with ui death: Multiplayer B785290 12 on Nuclear_Winter_v1 12

you cant see too much except me screaming for help...
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9 months ago
That last one also broke the out of map VR grid widget that we see you use with the previous pictures. I've hear people complain about UI breakage recently, like ITrankThomas1.

unrelatedly haha nice heightmap looks like the bug only happens with me It's not just me it's AMD cards plz hellp that too
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9 months ago
Block letters are usually indication of something going real bad with your GPU or its driver.
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