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[Help] 2 Computers from same network joining same room

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7 months ago
Scratching my head a bit on this one. Tried to play a game with a friend ([rks]poppuyo) who is on the same network today (behind the same router with the same externally resolved IP address). Hosted through the ZK GUI with Nightwatch managing the room. At first, neither of us could connect. I found this in the infolog:

[f=-000001] [CPreGame] using client IP and port 8469
[f=-000001] [LuaSocket] Error: Rule already exists: 8469
[f=-000001] [NetProto::InitClient] connecting to IP on port 8469 using name [rks]N2maniac
[f=-000001] [SpringApp::Reload][13] reloadCount=2

[f=-000001] [LuaMenuController::Activate(msg="[PreGame] Server Connection Timeout")] luaMenu=07687108
(So it looks like it just timed out)

There was an interesting message from Nightwatch:
"these people are in the same location:"

Testing a bit more, connecting one computer through a VPN it connected fine. Trying to connect without the VPN to any game at that point failed. Single player (offline) works fine on both.

I am left with one of 2 conclusions. Either
1) somehow we have managed to block this traffic at the router, or
2) there is an IP ban

I have found no references suggesting a problem with #2, so the questions I would have are:
-Is there a problem connecting from the same network we should be aware of?
-Could something else be causing this that someone is aware of?
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7 months ago
as far as i know "these people are in the same location:" only checks for same ip address to inform players in case of spec cheating. But this does not stop you from joining with multiple computers with "the same ip" (e.g. when ILrankAdminhokomoko was at my house we had multiple players joining a game "from the same location" and it worked fine).

In my opinion it seems to be sth on your network side as I never had this problem, but I am neither an admin nor have good knowledge of the Zero-k code so you might want to wait for a better answer.
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I am unaware of anything resembling an IP ban affecting either of you, and the "same location" message shouldn't be anything more than a notification. Can you upload the entire infolog somewhere and link it?
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7 months ago
Here it is:
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So I figured it out - I had a geoIP filter, turns out is in France, which wasn't on the whitelist at the time. False alarm, sorry for the confusion!

As my friend pointed out to me separately... I wasn't IP banned by the game, I IP banned the game.
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7 months ago
Glad to hear you worked it out, I probably wouldn't have figured out that one.
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