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help with bug

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3 months ago
Every few games (maybe 5), my whole hud resigns.
What happens is every panel is missplaced and goes to the upper left corner, when i place them back in order the commander upgrade panel is nowhere.
Only solution i found for now is to delete config folder from luaui, but this means i have to redo whole hud everytime this happens (and it happens multiple times in 1 sitting). I did clean install it didnt fix it

pls help
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3 months ago
Happens to me sometimes when I tab out during load. Have been backing up my LuaUI folder for years due to this.

The problem is that the widgets are automatically repositioned if they are off-screen, so if you play on a smaller screen for once, it will push all your widgets together. This will be stored as new layout even if you go back to the bigger screen. So I have multiple LuaUI folders for the different screen resolutions that I'm switching between (because Laptop). The proper solution would be to have a custom UI preset that would reposition the widgets relative to the screen resolution.

I think the missplaced widgets might occur because the game reports a 0x0 screen resolution temporarily after loading, leading to all widgets being shoved into the 0x0 top left corner.
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3 months ago
tabbing out heh , its so tempting tho
i tryed the backup folder before but commander upgrading panel stays gone.

that sounds like configurable borderless could fix it for me

thanks for input
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2 months ago
Configurable borderless will not help you, I am using it and it does the same to me. It happens when you have game minimized for whatever reason.
Having backup of LuaUI folder is all you need if shit hits the fan.

Please develobers, make Custom UI layout a thing.
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